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This is a question Evidence that you're getting old

Youthful as I am, I realised yesterday that I no-longer know, or care, who is #1 in the charts. Furthermore, it takes all day to get rid of a hangover and I now seem to have a profound interest in gardening. Worst is that I now use words like 'furthermore'.

What makes you think that you are getting old?

(, Thu 28 Oct 2004, 13:01)
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My ridiculous level of cynicism
although no bad thing.

Music: I view the top forty that is presented on a weekly basis as a sham, it's nothing more than advertising for the album. Thanks to twelve year olds buying shite though it's become saturated with wank. I honestly believe people who are under sixteen should be banned from buying music, and that all the shite that is made by artists without the faintest idea how to do anything other than sit around on a stool looking like they're recieving oral during a 'live' performance should be forced into a seperate category and chart to prevent me from having to fucking put up with it.

Politics: None of them give a fuck. The country is a joke and they're jsut contributing, making crime worse and massaging figures making it seem that crime has dropped when in reality the country is fucked. turning around and saying certain things aren't a crime just to lower levels is a fucking joke, recategorising things to make their egos bigger and things look better from their point of view. Also the stupid idea of giving the scots their own parliament then allowing them to vote on issues that have absolutely no bearing north of the border in english parliament is ridiculous. Next election day, I intend to stay at home and register my apathy once again.

Public transport: What a fucking joke this is, use public transport they say, fast and efficient they say. I stood at a fucking bus stop on a road that was more akin to a bastard wind tunnel with my mates and their two kids on wednesday for over forty minutes, waiting for a bus that is scheduled to come every ten minutes for no fucking reason whatsoever. If I had fucking car I'd use it un-necessarily just to make my point.

Banks: Cunts, the lot of them. I love the way they all came into being by taking your money, looking after it, lending it to other people and charging them interest to borrow your money. I'm sure laws exist to prevent that, but no, not a fucking jot. the cunts give me a paltry amount back on a twice yearly basis to lend people my money at 15.9% per fucking month. What a joke!

The media, shite. All they do is peddle scare stories and news that has abosolutely no relevance to me. The country just sits around living in fear because they promote apathy and hatred, and it won't stop because it's popular. wankers.

Courts: Now theres a fucking joke. Yeah, you've killed , raped, embezzeled millions, done the most outrageous crimes possible. Have a life sentance. Oh, but don't worry, with good behaviour you'll have been released within 10 to go out and carry on with your fucking wankerish ways.

Religion: Fucking cocks.

I'll stop now, but the moment you hit 23 years old its all downhill from there.
(, Thu 28 Oct 2004, 22:29, closed)

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