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This is a question Getting Old

Drimble asks: When was it last brought home to you just how old you're getting? We last asked this in 2004, and you're eight years older now. Eight. Years.

(, Thu 7 Jun 2012, 13:24)
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I'm old
I turned 30 this year, our first child is due in August and I genuinely drive a Honda accord, stick that it your pipe and smoke it (probably whilst wearing slippers and drinking horlicks)
(, Fri 8 Jun 2012, 15:31, 2 replies)
That's as may be, but
Have you ever roundhoused any drug dealers to tears and subsequently had a supermodel orgy?
(, Fri 8 Jun 2012, 15:41, closed)

Sadly no, but I once did teh massive drugs and had an orgy with some ordinary (non super) models in my secret moon base, it was fuckin awesome. Something to tell the grandkids, who will probably be living on the moon at the time, might even be able to show them the scene of the crime.
(, Sat 9 Jun 2012, 8:33, closed)

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