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This is a question Turning into your parents

Unable to hold back the genetic tide, I find myself gardening in my carpet slippers, asking for a knife and fork in McDonalds and agreeing with the Daily Telegraph. I'm beyond help - what about you?

Thanks to b3th for the suggestion

(, Thu 30 Apr 2009, 13:39)
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I'm completely beyond all help...
...as I'm not turning into my parents, thankfully.

I'm turning into my grandparents :(

I'm slowly turning into a tightwad, trawling round the local ASDA at 3.30pm on a Sunday to find all the chilled meat that goes out of date that day so I can get it for 30p rather than £4.50, getting the cheapest brand of whatever I need to save 10p here and 20p there, when I used to just buy the stuff that tasted the nicest or was the most expensive.

There's other things as well, little stupid things that you don't notice til a QOTW like this comes up: constantly flicking channels on the Sky (my grandfather is famous within my family for doing this), telling my better half to drive slowly, a lack of enthusiasm to go out "clubbing".

However, what's really making the world turn upside down...they're turning into me. Facebook profiles, email jokes, MSN accounts, Online Banking, watching porn online (sitting on your nan's computer and typing the letter "p" into Firefox only to be confronted with "Mature Woman takes it up the arse!" is fucking scary). Next thing I know, they'll be lurking here like I was. That's a fucking scary thought.

*first post. feel free to torture me.*
(, Wed 6 May 2009, 5:11, 2 replies)
Whatever you do
Don't ctrl + t. A pictorial representation of the most visited sites is mind-bleach inducing.
(, Wed 6 May 2009, 9:13, closed)
Doesn't that just bring up a new tab?


Yup, just brings up a new blank tab.
(, Wed 6 May 2009, 9:27, closed)

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