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This is a question Ginger

Do you have red hair? Do you know someone hit with the ginger stick? Tell us your story.

(, Thu 25 Feb 2010, 12:54)
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I have been victimised for being middle class, told I know nothing of prejudice
because I am male, hetrosexual, and white. Because I am not ginger either, I therefore have to assume that the only reason people don't like me is because I am a bad person.

At least gingers know it's not their own fault.
(, Mon 1 Mar 2010, 9:20, 6 replies)
...these days, male hetero and white gets more stick than anyone else, at least in the media because they're the only ones who haven't been all wrapped up in political correctness. They're the only easy game left on that score. For now.

Those who fit into this category but also happen to be ginger are of course exempt from this now, especially since Jabba's sister had her sense of humour removed before visiting Tesco/Asda/wherever for xmas cards last year.
(, Mon 1 Mar 2010, 9:37, closed)
Piss off
- pair of bleedin norms. Always whinging because there's nothing abnormal about you.
(, Mon 1 Mar 2010, 9:51, closed)
...way to get a grasp on the facts before mouthing off. You'd be a shoe-in in my hometown.
(, Mon 1 Mar 2010, 13:35, closed)
Go on then - what's the problem now?

Just read another of your posts - so you're gay?
Not really abnormal is it? But I see where your coming from now.
(, Mon 1 Mar 2010, 14:09, closed)
...isn't the first word I'd choose either, I admit. Still, glad you got there in the end.
(, Mon 1 Mar 2010, 16:03, closed)
Nah - still sound like a whinging norm to me who happens to be a shirter.
(No offence intended, natch)

- and I'm glad you got it in the end, there.
(, Mon 1 Mar 2010, 17:22, closed)

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