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This is a question Going Too Far

Ever had one of your mates go too far? Back when I was a teenager I went to stay with a friend in the country. We took his dog for a walk in some woods - which was fun.

We came across a breeding pen for the local pheasant shoot - which was interesting.

But then my friend broke into the cages, grabbed a pheasant, strangled it and proceeded to throw it around, only managing to rescue it from his dog's jaws seconds before a gamekeeper turned up to see what the hell was going on. Now, that was a bit too far...

(, Fri 10 Nov 2006, 14:11)
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School erm, experiences.
best days of your life? bollocks. I utterly detested school, and spent most of it avoiding people, occasionally skipping it and spending the latter years experimenting with alcohol, weed and solvents. I rarely got any hassle, except on two really notable occasions.

The first time, someone took a dislike to me, and so i got the usual pushing around, threatened with being beaten up etc etc, that went on for a few days, usually on the way home from school and started getting worse. I decided to resolve this one way or other, and went for a rummage in my dad's garage, finding an 18" long inch diameter metal pipe that conveniently fitted into my army-style school kitbag.

The next day, the trouble was just as bad, highlighting in this twat spitting at me during lunch, covering me in his drool. At that point i decided enough was enough. On the way home, where he met up with me to continue his tirade of abuse for no apparent reason, i swung the aforementioned kitbag (complete with pipe) round on it's strap, catching the guy unawares and full pelt on the back of his head. He dropped, face first like a stone, totally unconscious, leaving me stood next to him, surrounded by a group of instantly silent and shocked looking 14 year olds looking at me. For good measure i gave him a kick or two in the ribs, then walked off.

That got him a fractured vertebrae and a neck brace, and several lost teeth from when the ground came up to hit him, and me a weeks suspension, but also got me a reputation as a nutter not to be bothered, which was great.

The other time i got any hassle, it involved explosives, so i'd probably better not say too much...
(, Thu 16 Nov 2006, 16:51, Reply)

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