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This is a question Good Advice

My pal inspects factories for a living, and I shall take his expert advice to the grave: "Never eat the meat pies". Tell us the best advice you've ever received.

(, Thu 20 May 2010, 12:54)
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Earlier this year
A few weeks ago I spotted a man drop his wallet, he didn't notice so I picked it up and ran after him.

When I gave it back to him, his face lit up. He was of Middle Eastern descent and he said to me "Thank you. I owe you so much. A word of advice: Don't go to London on June 12th"

Shocked, I asked "Why, will there be a bomb there?"

He said "No. It's just shit".
(, Thu 27 May 2010, 7:48, 1 reply)

(, Thu 27 May 2010, 9:55, closed)

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