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This is a question My computer gave away my secrets

A good friend recently found out his girlfriend was pregnant when google autocomplete came up with 'symptoms of pregnancy'...

Has your googling been your undoing? Has someone found your gay porn stash? Have you had a Gary Glitter moment in PC World? Tell us how your computer has ratted on you.

(, Fri 10 Feb 2006, 10:58)
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I have hundreds of these sorts of stories...
When I was about 11 I found porn on my dad's PC. Nothing too outrageous, although I'd never seen anythig like it before so it was a shock

About a week later I found a USB pen drive full of pictures of my mother. Bad, bad memories.

Since then I've been caught out by various family members on the Max Power and FHM websites... I'm only there for the cars ;-)

I knew my brother was gay a long time before he came out, partially due to the 6 gay porn DVDs and the 40GB of pictures and movies on his computer.

About a year ago, my old pc died and I had to use my dad's machine. I think he looked at the site history afterwards, which is why he made a few... embarrasing... jokes that weekend.

Just after christmas I went round to my mate's flat. I knocked on the door and he answered, partially dressed and sweaty. I asked if I could use his PC and was confronted by no less than 40 tabs in mozilla of pre-op transvestites (the slogan was 'chicks with dicks'), some sock fetish thing, and sex with horses.

But I turned out fine.
(, Fri 10 Feb 2006, 12:42, Reply)

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