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This is a question Will you go out with me?

"Bloody Kraut, a" asks, "How did you get your current flame to go out with you? If they turned you down, how bad was it?"

Was it all romantic? Or were the beer goggles particularly strong that night?

(, Thu 28 Aug 2008, 17:32)
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Lots of cider and heavy metal!
It was I who bit the proverbial bullet and asked out the current Mr. Lucoire.

I'd gone to Birmingham to meet him, nervous as hell but there'd been a lot of flirting over MySpace messages/MSN and the like so I thought things would be ok in real life. Unfortunately, Mr. Lucoire and I are both horrifically shy.

Long story short: I went and sat in on his band's rehearsal and managed to 'make my move' (i.e. stealing a couple of kisses) before we made our way to Scruffy Murphy's (awesome metal pub in Brum - go there). We'd downed the same amount of cider, both probably wanting a bit of dutch courage before he pulls me onto his knee and kisses my face off.

I pull away and ask, rather drunkenly with a semi-Nottingham accent; 'would you consent to being my boyfriend?' (childish, but it worked).

To summarise: Cider helps, kids. I wholeheartedly encourage using alcohol to make you bolder.

Oh oh oh!!! *POP* aahh... free from the shadows. No more lurking for me!
(, Tue 2 Sep 2008, 16:06, Reply)

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