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This is a question Guilty Laughs

Are you the kind of person who laughs when they see a cat getting run over? Tell us about the times your sense of humour has gone beyond taste and decency.

Suggested by SnowyTheRabbit

(, Thu 22 Jul 2010, 15:19)
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do we count 4th's? ive never tried

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Ive got a tendancy to laugh at things that really shouldnt be funny, mrs monkey hates when i laugh during arguments.

I was at a christening do on sunday, my mate comes out of the bogs and tells us hes just seen a spastic fall over. We all kind of chuckled and asked if hed checked the man was alright. My mate said he was laughing too hard and had just walked away. We half chided him for being a bit of a twat, saying he could have at least picked him up.

As we're telling him off a rather miffed man with a crutch walks past and we all roar with laughter at his expression. Felt pretty guitly :-/

The bloke did later laugh at the bar about it, said he just had a wet arse and felt like a donut getting back to his seat.
(, Thu 22 Jul 2010, 15:23, Reply)

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