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This is a question Guilty Laughs

Are you the kind of person who laughs when they see a cat getting run over? Tell us about the times your sense of humour has gone beyond taste and decency.

Suggested by SnowyTheRabbit

(, Thu 22 Jul 2010, 15:19)
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Empty House
I used to knock about with a group of lads and lasses at school (not chavs or baddies) and we happened upon a huge empty house when a ball went over its wall. We for some reason decided to climb through a broken window to investigate (no idea why). It was indeed empty and had been for some time so we decided to kind of hang out there on nights.

One day when I knew everyone was up in the attic room I banged on the front door and shouted through the letterbox "I FUCKING KNOW YOU'RE IN HERE, IM GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU'S!!" Me and my mate were in stiches, certain they were all paralysed with fear.

Of course they surely were paralysed with fear, which became apparent when they finally appeared some hour or so later. The girls were crying and the lads looked very, very pale. We were still laughing ourselves silly and when they explained we fessed up.

I got a nice kick to the bollocks and had to apologise profusely for quite some time but every now and then i couldnt help but giggle at the prank :-)

(, Thu 22 Jul 2010, 15:39, Reply)

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