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This is a question Guilty Secrets

We were shocked - nay, disgusted - to read on an internet discussion forum of a chap's confession that his darkest, guiltiest secret was that he recently cracked one out over press photos of tragic MILF Kate McCann. He reasoned that "she's a good Catholic girl and looks dirty, so she'd probably go bareback".

What guilty secrets can you no longer keep to yourself?

(, Fri 31 Aug 2007, 12:22)
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Last week while having lunch in a popular restaurant with two of my work colleagues, a midget waddled towards us and sat down at the adjacent table facing us. I thought to myself "Oh SHIT!" As soon as I made eye-contact with one of my colleagues, I started giggling in amusement with laughter.

One of those occasions where there are tears running down your eyes, no matter how hard you try, you cannot stop your shoulders from motioning up and down giving the game away.

All this happened. I laughed my tits off at the poor pintsized Lilliputian, but there was a chance to avoid it. I reacted like this simply because, my colleague said the oh-so magic word (with a slight shake of the head and the making of a soon-to-appear grin...) "Don't..."

Guilty secret? Midgets make me laugh all high pitched like a little girl!!!!!
(, Wed 5 Sep 2007, 19:16, Reply)

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