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This is a question I'm going to Hell...

...because I said the Lord's Prayer backwards at a funeral to summon up the Goat of Mendes, Freddie Woo tells us. Tell us why you're doomed.

Thanks to Kaol for the suggestion

(, Thu 11 Dec 2008, 13:09)
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Hull for this very reason
Back when I was 10 and he was 7, Me and my brother Richard were sat on the back seats of my Mum's Granada at a set of traffic lights in Milton Keynes.

We hatched a cracking wheeze where we'd both pretend to be mongs and spack it up towards the car next to us. Cue much cocked hand pawing at the window, drooling and slack jawed mongishness, The woman driving the neighbouring car nudged her husband noticing the two drooling cabbages in the back of the Granada with a look of pity upon her face.

That's not the reason I'm off to Hell though. When my Mum caught sight of us she started to give us both a good hiding through the front seats much to the distress of the watching woman.

We made my Mum look like an utter monster who randomly leathered the shit out of poor defenceless retard kids.
(, Wed 17 Dec 2008, 12:49, 6 replies)
Yay for yo' momma
and the good old fashioned hiding.
(, Wed 17 Dec 2008, 13:00, closed)
I liked this. Also, I just dribbled powerade out of my nose because I guffawed too much.
(, Wed 17 Dec 2008, 13:03, closed)
Sounds like something my sons would have done.
My middle son was very fond of putting on my welding goggles and pretending he was blind, putting his arms out in front of himself and waving them around as though trying to feel his way through a room. He especially liked doing this in my car.

(, Wed 17 Dec 2008, 13:15, closed)
I'm blinded now by tears of restrained mirth.
Luckily I was not quaffing as I read this.
(, Wed 17 Dec 2008, 13:56, closed)
There are no traffic lights in Milton Keynes
(, Wed 17 Dec 2008, 15:09, closed)
My little brother
(who posts here and may read this) has a habit when in the back of a car.

He combs his hair over, and does short jerky Nazi salutes (to mimic old film stock with poor shutter sync, I suppose) to passing crowds.

We're Jewish. He does do a very good Hitler though.
(, Wed 17 Dec 2008, 15:35, closed)

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