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This is a question IT Support

Our IT support guy has been in the job since 1979, and never misses an opportunity to pick up a mouse and say "Hello computer" into it, Star Trek-style. Tell us your tales from the IT support cupboard, either from within or without.

(, Thu 24 Sep 2009, 12:45)
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In the land of the blind, the IT man is king...
I used to work for a large charity for the blind in London, and despite not being at all connected with IT support was the 'house techy' due to the fact that we were 20 minutes on the tube from head office and therefore obviously in a land far far away...

I ended up supporting all my local colleagues both those who could and couldn't see.

Got a call one morning from the PA to the Assistant Director, now bearing in mind these are the days of DOS and WordPerfect.

K. "I've turned on my PC and it made all the right noises, but nothing is happening"
J. "OK, I'll be up in a minute"
Went upstairs and lo and behold a machine which appears to be on, whirring happily away with all lights blazing. Then I noticed the post it note tagged nonchalantly on the top left of the screen. Pulled it off and ta-da a C: prompt waiting for the user.

The assistant Director called one day to say he had a floppy disk stuck in his machine, when I arrived there was a 5.25" drive with no disk in sight but he pleaded that he had definitely put it in and he needed it NOW! After a few seconds thought I unscrewed the case and there resting below was the floppy disk he'd just posted through the slot *between* the floppy drive and the blanking plate below. He was registered blind, but that didn't explain the whole pile of disks below that one that he'd presumably written off as 'eaten'.
(, Mon 28 Sep 2009, 21:56, closed)
You'd be suprised how often that happens
In my last place, there was this model of Dell PC that used to eat cd/dvd's unless you had a weight on the top of the machine (like a monitor)
(, Thu 1 Oct 2009, 10:44, closed)

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