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This is a question Hidden Treasure

My landlord had some builders in to remove a staircase in an outbuilding when a rusty biscuit tin fell out from under the woodwork.

What wonders were in this hidden treasure box? Two live hand grenades and 40 rounds of ammunition. From WW2. I've never seen builders run before.

What hidden treasures have you uncovered?

(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 13:33)
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Bad eggs!
Age 14, I was making fried egg and bacon butties (mmmmm) upon cracking an egg open into the frying pan a dead chick and lots of blood and liquid falls out! ((heave))

Took it straight back to the grocer (frying pan and all) and got myself a free box of eggs a bottle of coke and a pack of bacon yum! (like as though i was gonna continue with that meal after such a gruesome discovery)!!!!!!

Apparantly this type of occurance is quite rare or so i thought until the same experience befell my best pals mum! pah!!!
(, Fri 1 Jul 2005, 15:30, Reply)

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