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This is a question What's the most horrific thing you've seen?

What is going on?
Lightguy was walking home when he saw a fox eating a cat. As he watched, it threw up on the cat and then continued eating, having doused it in its own marinade.

Only this morning, Rachelswipe saw a tramp hock up a bright green loogy, only for a pigeon to hop over on its withered stumps and peck it up joyfully.

Are these the end times? What horrible stuff have you seen recently?

(, Fri 22 Jun 2007, 10:36)
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grosest thing i saw ever....
...and has not been beaten yet, Still makes me want to puke today. When I was a nipper walking back from school in Romford, I saw an indian mother *suck* the snot out of her sons runny nose and spat it on the pavement. I mean she put her whole mouth over his nose and sucked. Fucking gross. I am not knocking other races etc, but someone should tell em that hankies have existed for thousands of years....

Length? The splat on the pavement was about 3 inches across....

edit i just read beauty school droputs comment about people sucking snot. Seems its more common than i thought!
(, Sat 23 Jun 2007, 7:36, Reply)

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