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This is a question House Guests

"Last week," Ungersven confesses, "I vomited over almost everything in a friend's spare room. The only thing to escape the deluge was the rather attractive (alas engaged) French girl who was sharing the bed with me." Tell us about nightmare guests or Fred West-a-like hosts.

(, Thu 6 Jan 2011, 14:20)
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small mammalian guest
I used to live on a houseboat. I have two kitties, both of whom spent their formative years onboard and bar the odd kittie overboard moment (QOTW – Near Death Experiences Involving Pets) , all was cosy.
One of these kitties – George – finally got round to doing some mousing. This was the derelict bit of Brentford by the canal, so there were plenty of mice to mouse.

Unfortunately his simple kittie brain managed to miss the concepts involved in pest control, eg, catch mice on boat, kill said mouse, present mouse corpse, mouse corpse burial at sea.

One evening he appeared with his first mouse in his mouth. I must say, i was rather pleased in a paternal way. He then placed the mouse at my feet as the mouse, sensing its opportunity had arrived, legged it.

This being a rather large dutch barge and having been brought onboard over a large watery gap in the mouth of a feline, he was stuck.

Every evening for the next two years, safe between the wood panelling and the foam insulation, Mickey lived a happy contented existence nibbiling through pretty much everything he could, dining off catfood and deftly evading capture.

I saw him once again before i moved out. He looked very well.
(, Tue 11 Jan 2011, 15:25, 4 replies)
Ha ha
I have a shorter-lived version. My cat brought a baby rabbit into the house. As soon as the cat put it down it shot off to hide under a cupboard. Every time I tried to get to it, it would shoot under another piece of furniture. The cat by this time was sitting in the sun on the windowsill licking his paws and watching me run round the living room. Eventually I managed to herd the rabbit back out the back door and into the garden. I swear the cat watched it go, tutted and shook his head, as if to say 'silly bugger'.
(, Tue 11 Jan 2011, 16:07, closed)
this for the win, and a story not about students who were pissed
(, Tue 11 Jan 2011, 17:25, closed)
Did you go to the Watermans Arms? Many a happy night spent in there, before the fucking yuppies moved in....
(, Tue 11 Jan 2011, 20:29, closed)
altho i prefered obriens. the burd loved the weir tho... which was tolerated because they used to do really nice hummus.
(, Wed 12 Jan 2011, 16:09, closed)

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