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This is a question Pure Ignorance

What astonishingly stupid stuff have you overheard people saying? Tell us, and tell the world.

(, Thu 6 Jan 2005, 22:51)
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spakker boy
He tried to explain to us how infinity was equal to 1.
His sister sat at the top of the stairs holding her breath because she "didnt want to breath too much"
he once crapped in the swimming pool at school. and on a radiator
He broke his leg jumping out of a window for a PC game. On the cast his dad wrote "jason you are such a rondey(sic)", realised it was misspelt and scrubbed over the top to correct it. However, he wrote in pencil and obviously forgot you can rub it out..
Him, his mum and cousin took the dog for a walk through a rapeseed field. He turned to his cousin and said "whenever we come him mum cries because of the rape". She has hayfever.

Definitely some dud genes there
(, Fri 7 Jan 2005, 15:12, Reply)

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