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This is a question Pure Ignorance

What astonishingly stupid stuff have you overheard people saying? Tell us, and tell the world.

(, Thu 6 Jan 2005, 22:51)
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Quiz night, Christmas 2003.
Playing a round where we are asked a bunch of questions, and all of the answers begin with the same letter (which we are told at the start)

Our letter was C.

The first seven questions are answered brilliantly, progressing in a clockwise direction around our team of 8. We need to get all of the questions right to win the prize of the evening.

Questionmaster gets around to the last of us - an elderly woman, and asks: "Name a musical instrument beginning with C."

We were happy. Answering this question right, which lets face it as as easy as pie, will mean we will win the prizes on offer.

What was her answer?

(, Fri 7 Jan 2005, 18:46, Reply)

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