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This is a question Ignoring Instructions

When I was small, a friend of mine waved a big plastic bottle at me and asked me if I "wanted some drinking yoghurt?" I pointed out the "do not drink" label, but no, he was convinced this was a big jug of a particularly strange, liquid yoghurt that was briefly popular in the 70s.

He was sick for hours, after consuming a suprisingly large quantity of washing liquid.

What instructions have you ignored?

(, Thu 4 May 2006, 11:24)
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GCSE Chemistry
Apparently, we were told not to shake the test tubes.

I guess my hearing must have been faulty, as I stuck my thumb over the top and gave the tube a vigourous jiggling. The caustic aluminium solution inside immediately began to froth up - but my thumb was still tightly pressed over the top.

This resulted in a high-pressure spray of toxic silver gunk across friends, desks, floor and exercise books alike, and a subsequent angry telling-off from the teacher about how I was lucky the chemicals hadn't wreaked some horrible vengeance on my skin for their premature agitation...
(, Fri 5 May 2006, 12:33, Reply)

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