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This is a question Impromptu Games You Play

Me and the missus were at London Zoo the other day. We invented a great game called "Spot the Paedo." We counted about 8 single men with suspicious facial hair before the end of the day. What games have you made up on the spot to play with your friends?

(, Mon 29 Mar 2004, 15:50)
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We are lucky enough
to live near one of those Ostrich farms that sprung up over the south of England in the mid-90s. As an alternative to cop-tipping, we invented ostrich bothering. If a small group of people runs at a flock of domestic ostriches, they will run away till they get to a fence, then turn around and attack you.

The winner is whoever gets closest to the ostriches before chickening out and running from their inevitable counter attack like the cowardly bird-botherers that we are.
(, Wed 31 Mar 2004, 10:12, Reply)

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