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This is a question Impromptu Games You Play

Me and the missus were at London Zoo the other day. We invented a great game called "Spot the Paedo." We counted about 8 single men with suspicious facial hair before the end of the day. What games have you made up on the spot to play with your friends?

(, Mon 29 Mar 2004, 15:50)
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Throwing cards in a bin
Place an empty bin about 6ft away from where you and your chums are sitting.

Divide a pack of playing cards equally between said chums.

Take turns to throw/flick cards in the bin. The one with the least cards in the bin has to pick up all the cards on the floor.

Hours of entertainment. Honestly.
(, Fri 2 Apr 2004, 11:23, Reply)
Icecream van
I tell Children that when the icecream van plays a tune, it has run out of icecream.
(, Fri 2 Apr 2004, 11:11, Reply)
Who would you rather shag?
A simple game for two or more people. Simply pick two people at random (usually celebrities, but people you know will do) and ask "who you would you rather shag?". The person answers and gives their reasons. Simple. Usually I use a womens mag for inspiration. The game is made more fun if your friend is bisexual, it gives you more choice of shagees that way and you get some interesting answers.
(, Fri 2 Apr 2004, 10:50, Reply)
Gate Bashing
Me and my mates came up with this game one night when drunk on Thunderbird (Red Label, strictly for the hardcore underage drinker). Gate Bashing involved splitting into two teams then going out around the streets and nicking peoples front gates. Though the only way to actually score a point for the gate, was to sneak it into the Laundrette on the High Street. This game went on for about three weeks, each weekend the Laundrette getting filled up with more and more gates. The game had to end when my friend Mark and I, decided to steal a gate the size of an average farm gate, and were caught by the old bill trying to wedge it into the laundrette. Cue two very angry sets of parents AND we even made it to the heady heights of fame, page 9 of the Woodford Guardian.
(, Fri 2 Apr 2004, 9:54, Reply)
the 5 game
A game for 2 people.
You sit where you can see people waking in both directions. Chose a direction and the sex of your preference. You have to sleep with the fifth person who walks past a certain point, a letter box, doorway or something.

This has kept us shreiking at people to move faster or slow down for ages.
(, Fri 2 Apr 2004, 9:25, Reply)
Pretty lame, but extremely fun during a long, boring IT class.

background: there's this crazy homosidal kid in our class (or, was in our class) called Marcus.
game: basically, during any point in class (but particuarly whilst the teacher is telling you something important or similar) yell "Marcus". then, repeat it. once the first person has yelled "Marcus", the game is on. By the climax, you have 28 roudy school kids yelling "Marcus", with the teacher trying to yell over the kids (with little luck), and Marcus getting quite irate.

Well, Marcus switched classes not long ago, but the game still lives on. It's cool, and fun. no lie.
(, Fri 2 Apr 2004, 9:23, Reply)
You take two of those lightweight plastic whiffle ball bats they make for young children and put a layer of foam pipe insulation on them (the foamed plastic stuff that you put around hot water pipes to cut down on your utility bills) and duct tape it into place. Then you square off. The first person to touch the other person with his bat on something other than the other person's bat wins. Usually it ends up with the opponents whirling and attacking like Obi-Wan and Darth Vader until someone gets smacked, hard.

It's great exercise, too.
(, Fri 2 Apr 2004, 7:42, Reply)
Spot the Fake Celebrity!
My friends and I will sometimes go through some crowded place and see how many people we can spot who look like someone famous (or like someone we know). One day at the coffee shop we saw Dennis Miller, Phil Collins, Neve Campbell, Kenny Rogers and a dead ringer for one of us. (Richard unfortunately found it to be less than amusing when I pointed to the guy and said, "Hey! That's you!")
(, Fri 2 Apr 2004, 7:15, Reply)
drunken twister
While drinking with a few of my friends we became bored quickly and my friend snuck into her little sister's room and stole some board games, one of which was twister. Simply try to play the game as if you are not drunk. It doesn't work but it kills time when pissed and is loads of fun.
(, Fri 2 Apr 2004, 3:10, Reply)
Hedgehog killer
Not as brutal as it sounds... at least not for hedgehogs. You know those plastic rings that hold 4 cans of beer together? Well when drunk (yes you must be drunk... as with most of these games i've noticed) 4 people put there wrists inside the plastic rings (the hedgehog killer as they allegedly get there heads stuck in them and die*) and pull really hard n order to break out of the ring. This has various effects;

1. Someone falls over due to the force exerted by the other people
2. Scarring or injury to the wrists
3. Three people have no ring left intact (oo err), the forth gets a good kicking.

*says my mate rob
(, Fri 2 Apr 2004, 2:32, Reply)
Beer Hunter
This was invented on a quiet Sunday arvo drinking cans, but I'm sure we weren't the first or last blokes to think of it..
As each person had a shout they would shake up one can at random and then each player would choose a can.
Cans would then be opened whilst placing opening near your ear (ie Russian Roulette style).
(, Fri 2 Apr 2004, 0:56, Reply)
spin around 100+ times and then have another person try to tackle you, thus resulting in running while extremely dizzy...
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 23:53, Reply)
The STD Game
My friends and I (with the help of my oft inebriated friend Samantha) thought this game up a few years ago when we received a teacher we disliked immensly as our band director. In order to annoy said teacher (and by default, all the conservative parents of band members loitering in the band hall) we decided one day to start yelling out the most foul things we could imagine.

This rapidly transpired to asking eachother at loud volumes how someone was coping with their current sexually transmitted disease.

Example :
"SAMANTHA! How's the chlamydia coming?"
"It's going fantastic, the swelling has lessened a lot and the oozing fluids have almost completely stopped.The only problem now is the herpes."

Remember...you must yell. It's no fun if no one can hear you.

You get extra points if you make someone cry.
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 23:50, Reply)
bathroom party
My friends and i had the best times in the girls bathrooms in movie theaters and places with lots of stalls. We would each go in a stall, not next to each other. We would grunt and gurgle, start sing-a-longs, or, the alltime best... Blow Bubbles. People are really bothered when their doing their business and a big bubble floats down to them. People always seem to finish quickly in the bathroom nowadays...
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 22:58, Reply)
I invented this when i was living in a communal block of flats... Basically you write an offensive note to someone in flat x and a "reply" note to someone next door in flat Z. The secret is to make the second note seem like a reply from the first person. This has infinite possibilities if you have a wild imagination.

Alternatively, send offensive letters to the housing departments/council as if from person "X" complaining about person "z"...

I know i'm evil...
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 22:56, Reply)
Tramp/hobo Fishing
When your in a town center bored, change a quid into copper and hide behind a bin or somthing, then youve got to try and flick your coppers near the tramp, the winner being the one who first gets the tramp to pick the money up, Bonus points if the tramp chases you!

Points :
Getting a tramp to pick a 10p up : 1 point
Getting a tramp to pick a 5p up : 2 points
Getting a tramp to pick a 2p up : 5 points
Getting a tramp to pick a 1p up : 10 points
Going to a tramp / busker and taking money out of there little collecting box : 50 points
Steal a sleeping tramps hat : 75 points.
Any of the above + Getting a chase off the tramp - you get + 10 points.

First person to 100 wins :]
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 22:37, Reply)
Games on the 23 bus...
Our bus goes through a little suburb of Ilkeston known as little Beirut. Its the teenage pregnancy, vandalism, unemployment capital of the world.

Anywho, games we play are...
1) How young was she when she had her first kid?
2) How many kids does she have?
3) How many offences has he/she committed?
4) How much dole money do they claim?
5) Which STD's?

and numerous others i cant think of!
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 22:15, Reply)
We sometimes take turns to pull faces at random strangers whilst out drinking/clubbing/in-the-park. The winner is the last person to get caught.

We also used to play yellow car, but with gas vans instead. I saw a three car transporters laden with freshly minted gas vans once - 27 points in one fell swoop.

Substituting an expletive (cranberry being our favourite) into the titles of films is also fairly amusing... Like "Cranberry Wars" or "Cranberry Encounters of the Third Kind".

OOooh - and sometimes, we try to sneak sweet wrappers into the hoods of people wearing hooded tops.
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 21:22, Reply)
best played in a crowded bar/any place.

one person is chosen as the 'target', the others act as his bodyguard.
Basically consists of leering suspiciously at people standing around, nodding your head at each other and once in a while touching your ear and muttering something.
and of course keeping the crowds at a distance, creating safe routes to the bar, ...
this gets boring quite rapidly, but when you take it over the top to the point where you get people to get up and let the 'target' sit at their table for 'security reasons' it is somewhat rewarding.
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 21:14, Reply)
Aha i have some crackers
Not literal crackers that would just be stupid. Anyway, your playing cards. Somebody always loses right? Well what do you do to a loser? You SCAB them. Scabbing invloves the loser picking a card and having their knuckles scrapped that many times by each player. Black is a full blown scab, red is hit. And picture cards are worth 11(Jack), 12(Queen), 13(King) and 21(Ace). I still have the scars from before Christmas and it fucking hurts. Blood often drawn.

Another lovely knuckle ripping game invloves 2p pieces. Basically you flick 2p's at eveyone elses knuckles until they give in. Or you get down the bone.

Oooooh just remembered this one. A game involving teachers or unsuspecting members of the public. Based on the game 'Touch the Hutch', where a teacher called Mr Hutchinson got touched as amny times as he would allow before he realised the class were playing a game involving poking him. Our version was 'Poke the Pullan'. Bascially you need to touch someone as many times as possible in different places. Points are given for difficulty of getting away without arrest or ABH. Best move was my friend Reedkiller, he asked the teacher if he could explain something to him. The techer did and so Reed gave him a big bear hug in front of the whole class. Great fun.
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 19:36, Reply)
Loose Change Olympics
works like this: as many people as you like can play, they must be drunk.
Requirements- Lots of loose change, 2p's recommended.A bucket.A long room.
You get a pile of 2p's (record is 40 i think) and put them between your butt cheeks HORIZONTALLY (very important detail, one person was disqualified for incorrect loading and branded a cheater forever more). Then, with money in place, make your way to the other end of the long room without dropping any coins, then try and get as many into the bucket as possible. The resulting tactics are VERY funny. For the Olympic events, there's the Sprint, Long Distance, Obstacle Course and the most difficult of all.....The Relay.......
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 19:05, Reply)
slightly unsuitable
not sure if this applies but me and my mate were feeling quite pissed at our local 'scream' club and decided to spice up the evening by playing a little game with the unsuspecting bouncers. we smoked several joints in the middle of the club, the catch being that we had to pass the joint as the security blokes passed. needless to say, we looked big, hard and clever...
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 19:00, Reply)
Accompanying PAIN
We also have a game called ACCOMPANYING PAIN!!!! where you have three or more pint glasses and one less straws than the number of pints. One glass has the red straw, the other the blue, the other none and so on...
You try to remember which glass has which and which has none, and if you get caught 'strawwing' then you get a hefty slap to the face first time, a kick to the crotch time 2, and being tossed down a hill time three. After, the drunken students are left to decide your fate...
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 18:37, Reply)
Playing strip/aqatic hangman
In said TEABAG public pool, me and my mates decided to play aquatic hangman with all those floaty tub letters. You have 29 bored students, one caller, and one guesser. The guesser trys to guess the name of the person in the group they've chosen, and if they get all the guesses used up they get shoved into the pool, clothes on. If they get it right,one of the females/males whose name it was removes their shirt...
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 18:28, Reply)
"He isn't!"
Started as an impromptu game, ended up a minor phenomenon amongst my friends. You find a person whose surname sounds like a verb. Say the name. Then immediately contradict yourself. eg

"Wesley Snipes.... He doesn't!"
"Brian Cant..... He can!"
"George Wendt.... He didn't!"

You needn't stick to famous people either. Amongst my friends:
"Katherine Pickles.... She doesn't!"
"Ed Mills... He doesn't!"
"Charlotte Norwood... She wouldn't!"
"Henrietta Marsh... He didn't!"
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 17:53, Reply)
Simple game, get really drunk/high and find a really tall hedge then jump over/in it, winner is the person who doesnt get scratched to death by the brambles and sharp sticks hidden in the bush.
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 17:36, Reply)
During the summer months.........
many years ago, me and my wife began playing a game when we were in town centres,sea-side resorts and other well populated areas.
This game basically involved spotting as many sad old women wearing gold shoes as we could.....(you got extra points if they had a matching gold handbag).
It never ceases to amaze me how every year fashions come and go....but those bloody awful gold lame' shoes make a regular appearance every time the sun shows itself in the sky.
Ah well summer is nearly upon us......time for another competition me thinks........
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 17:32, Reply)
Got some more!
Me and this kid Dom at school play some cool games.
Kick Amman is the first. We each take it in turn to kick our friend Amman in the legs. The first person to make him run away wins. Also if he kicks you back you loose.
Next is Chase The Rat. We basically get our friend Martin to start running. (Usually we start playing Kick Amman on him to get him going.) Who ever catches him first wins.
Next is Feeling Lucky. Inspired by the recent reliece of the Clint Eastwood magazine and the adverts. Basically we take it in turn to go right up to random people's faces and say "Feeling Lucky Punk?!" Looser is the first person to get smacked in the face.

I also want to know if anyone plays Nut-Meg Rush? Where you kick a stone or tennis ball around and you've got to nut-meg each other. Then everyone bundles the person who gets nut-megged. Anyone?
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 17:16, Reply)
Office phone madness
works best in a large open-plan office with teleephones with speaker phones... OK, get a colleague to sneak up to a phone at the other end of the office, he should dial your number and, after you answer he puts the phone onto loud speaker mode and replaces the handset -thus providing a cross office squark box of sorts... your sneaky friend should then dial other people around the office who are 'in on the joke' from other phones in the office and after much mucking about you have several squark boxes dotted around the office....Next decide on your target - a dopey cunt is best - and get your colleague to call his name subtlely via their phones so to get his attention but not give the game away..thus resulting in office madness!
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 17:04, Reply)
like buck-a-roo but with a cat. works best with a sleeping cat, place househole objects on the sleeping cat until it jumps up and scratches you to peices for intturupting its nap. the loser is the one that woke the cat up, more points for bigger items. this also works with any household pet, aswell as sleeping friends. i.e (insert name here)-a-roo

consume! another great game to be played in the pub. throughout the night a pennie circulates the group until someone decides to drop it in someone elses drink, if the pennie lands in your drink you must down the drink (without swallowing the pennie)whilst the rest of the group shouts 'consume!' at the top of their voices. that person must then buy the next round, and has custordy of the pennie. this game can last all night, and works best when you know somones forgotten their playing it and puts their drink down..
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 16:54, Reply)

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