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This is a question Impulse buys

I'm now the owner of a monster trampoline that's nearly too big for the garden. Tell us your retail disasters and triumphs.

(, Thu 21 May 2009, 11:52)
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feeling the force... in Woolworths...
so I'm doing the shopping several years back, and I decide to take a swing through the then still trading crap emporium, Woolies, on the basis that you never know - I've found the odd bargain in there. but today... they had a big stack of THESE in -

and not just the cheap shitty ones, the really good Master Replicas ones - they make all the movie-correct noises when you swing them around (as I'm sure the SW fans here can tell you) and when you switch it on, the LED's in the blade light up in sequence, adding to the effect. regular price £100 ish? woolies only wanted a measly £45.
a bargain, thinks I. but the shop is full of people... they'll all know I'm a geek... stuff it. I am geek, hear me roar.

I strode purposefully up to the counter... well, alright, I shuffled towards it, head down, trying not to make any kind of eye contact with anyone else in the store... to be confronted by a particularly spotty little chav herbert doing the till duty. I'm braced for a sneer or a sarky comment at the very least... till he looks at me, motions me closer, and says 'they're bloody ace these things... the first thing we did when we got them in was go and have lightsaber battles all day in the storeroom. I spent all afternoon yesterday pretending to be Darth Vader.'

So either Star Wars transcends geekiness, or I'd met the only chav geek in Manchester.
(, Fri 22 May 2009, 18:15, 5 replies)
Pretended to be Vader...
using Lukes saber.

I've got the same one. Bought it off my brother for £20 when he was skint.

Funny thing was he thought 'I' was doing him a favour! Not likely. Geeky me wanted one for ages, just not at £100.
(, Fri 22 May 2009, 18:36, closed)
give him a break
they didnt have any of the Vader ones in. ;)
(, Fri 22 May 2009, 19:40, closed)
....not a full on nerd, but........ bloody 'eck, that looks good!! is it as good as it looks? really??

*trundles off to fleabay....*
(, Fri 22 May 2009, 19:21, closed)
like your man above, I'd fancied one for a while
just not for £100 squids. my mates stepson has every one MR has released up to now - Yoda, Darth Maul, Vader, Luke, amd Obi-Wan (I think) and they really are ace. weighty metal handle, *all* the sound effects - including the clashing blade noise when you hit something with it and the hum when you wave it around - they'll even stand up to being battled with another, as long as you dont take the rip. if you're a fan and see one cheap, then go for it. they are ace fun.

not that I've ever swung it round the living room pretending to be a Jedi or owt, honest.
(, Fri 22 May 2009, 19:39, closed)
That's Junior Sonic's birthday present taken care of
if I can only find one.
(, Wed 27 May 2009, 16:13, closed)

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