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This is a question Injured Siblings

My sister and I were always fighting. She's still got a large chunk of pencil lead embedded in her hand from where I stabbed her once. What's the worst you've done to your siblings?

(, Thu 18 Aug 2005, 12:46)
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I'll never go near a leaf pile again.
So it was that magical time of year-- autumn. After hours of "hard work" raking leaves, my brother and I reaped the benefits by jumping into the piles (we were 5 and 10, respectively). Soon it escalated to my brother jumping off the porch into one; I couldn't reach with my feeble powers of leaping and soon became frustrated. I told the brother to throw me off the porch into a pile and he gladly agreed-- keep in mind here that I had only the day before broken his Ultimate Remote Control Car. He hoisted me up and proceeded to throw me downwards, headfirst, directly onto the sidewalk.
He got no allowance for a year, even though my parents thought it was an accident. I know better, and do everything I can to antagonize him.
The most memorable was when we visited the local playground and he went on the seesaw with a friend. I was in possession of that most marvelous of toys, a golf ball. I was throwing it around aimlessly, and managed to score a hit directly on brother's temple at the high point of the seesaw. This resulted in a picture-perfect unconscious sideflip off onto the concrete. Magnificent.
(, Thu 18 Aug 2005, 22:03, Reply)

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