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This is a question Intense Friendships

The other night a friend confessed to a really intense friendship when he was young. Nothing sexual or anything, but it did extend to always going to the toilet together. As he put it, "we shared our poos."

Think back to the innocence of blood brothers and being friends forever and tell us the stories of loyalty, commitment and how it all went horribly wrong. You've seen Heavenly Creatures...

(, Fri 28 Jul 2006, 10:21)
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Here's another
When we were 9 years old, myself and two of my friends wanted to form a club. Everyone was doing it - holding regular meetings (read: asking mum "Hey can Tracy and Tahni come over tomorrow?"), making your own cool membership cards (there were those machines at the shopping centre), and writing a newsletter (Headline: "I'm doing ballet on Tuesday" or "We went to the shops!"). It was a cute thing to do, but what we needed was a catchy name. One that we would easily abbreviate to put on our cards, and which was very unique and witty. We decided on one which I'm glad to say I made up myself - 'The Kool Kids Klub'.

That's right, we were the KKK.

I even made membership cards.
(, Sat 29 Jul 2006, 13:01, Reply)

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