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This is a question Intense Friendships

The other night a friend confessed to a really intense friendship when he was young. Nothing sexual or anything, but it did extend to always going to the toilet together. As he put it, "we shared our poos."

Think back to the innocence of blood brothers and being friends forever and tell us the stories of loyalty, commitment and how it all went horribly wrong. You've seen Heavenly Creatures...

(, Fri 28 Jul 2006, 10:21)
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I caught lesbia (24 hour bug)
Hum. Can't even claim youthful ignorance/ experimentation for this one as it was between adults.

She wasn't even really a close friend of mine - more a friend of a friend, although we were drinking buddies in a wider circle at work. Our friendship as such had been compromised somewhat by her catching me snogging her husband in their potting shed at one point. My bad, but to be fair we were something of a mucky bunch who had all dipped our hands in the sexual till with someone else in the circle at some stage (she certainly had).

Anyway. One day, a few of us went on a bit of an afternoon bender. No boys. As it continued on into the evening, an agreement was reached that we'd crash out at hers. Her and I proceeded to drink the rest of our friends under the table, creating a sense of solidarity. Around 5am, she made me the best sandwich I've ever had in my life (ham, coleslaw, fresh granary bap)and a mug of hot chocolate, and we crawled into bed together to watch DVDs. Ten minutes later, she made a pass at me.

Although stupidly drunk, I was still dimly aware that, despite owning three pairs of Birkenstock flip-flops, I am straight. Not to mention it was downright weird that this woman had wanted to kill me only a couple of months ago and was now enthusiastically pulling my BHS jim-jams off.

Did it anyway. Well, it WAS a lovely sandwich.

We're still mates. I drink a bit less when she's around now though...
(, Sun 30 Jul 2006, 19:09, Reply)

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