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This is a question Meeting people from the internet

Monty Boyce asks: Have you ever had a real-life meet with somebody you first knew from the internet? How did it go? How long until the Asbo expires?

(, Thu 20 Oct 2011, 12:43)
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Vodka and Vaseline
He was my best friend's secret lesbian lover's boyfriend. We met over the internet because we got lumped into an IM conversation organising a party together and found we had a lot in common. We talked online for weeks, and discovered we lived practically in sight of each other's houses: score! So we drank together for most of our remaining teenage years, laughing at each other's failings with women and academia in a haze of cigarette smoke, and then out of nowhere he tried to forcefully bum me while I was sat on his bed playing Halo while shithoused.

And that's why I don't like Halo.
(, Thu 20 Oct 2011, 22:11, 4 replies)
To be fair
surprise bumsex is the SOP for any Halo player.
(, Thu 20 Oct 2011, 22:51, closed)
you're a gamer
it was bumsex or no sex
(, Thu 20 Oct 2011, 22:56, closed)
Did you get the MVP achievement?

(, Thu 20 Oct 2011, 23:44, closed)
I clicked this
on the strength of the title alone.
Then I read it and I stand by my click.
(, Fri 21 Oct 2011, 0:17, closed)

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