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This is a question Irrational people

Freddie Woo tells us "I'm having to drive 500 miles to pick up my son from the ex's house because she won't let him take the train in case he gets off at the wrong station. He's 19 years old and has A-Levels and everything." - Tell us about illogical and irrational people who get on your nerves.

(, Thu 10 Oct 2013, 12:24)
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There's a worrying Vanilla Ice Haircut trend at the moment.
Oh god
But it turns out the Internet isn’t the only place where “Ninja Rap” plays on an infinite loop; it’s also always on Vanilla Ice’s mind, as he tells Moviefone that he’s still a “Ninja Turtle at heart,” and that his Ooze performance remains “the highlight of my life and I’ll never top it.”
(, Fri 11 Oct 2013, 16:44, Reply)

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