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This is a question That's when I knew it was over...

Nice and simple this week. Just tell us the exact moment you knew that relationship, that job or that penchant for custard-dipped young boys was over.

(, Thu 21 Jul 2005, 10:45)
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Nails in the coffin
Each one of these events was a nail in the coffin of our doomed relationship (which ended 3 weeks ago)

When he sweetly told me he was dealing with the ironing pile and then proceeded to iron all of his own clothes and none of mine.

When he cycled past me in a torrential rainstorm and just shouted and waved instead of stopping and giving me a backie, or at least his jacket.

When he told me he had booked a romantic weekend away in Dublin as a Valentine’s surprise (though it was 2 weeks after Valentine’s day) and it turned out that – “coincidentally” – England were playing Ireland (rugby) that weekend – “We might as well go along to the match while we’re here, eh love”.

When he casually revealed to me that he had been told in the past that he is probably unable to father children due to a physiological problem (veiny balls). 2 years after we had met.

When he switched all the lights out when my friend was round visiting me “because it’s past 10 o’clock and it’s time for bed”.

When he locked me out for the same reason.

When he asked me if I’d be upset if my newborn niece died of cot death before I got to see her. He really did actually say that. As a “joke”. That’s alright then eh?

When he refused to have my name added to his next to the doorbell even 6 months after I had moved in with him “because to be fair it’s my flat, and besides I’ve never had the pleasure of pulling birds and bringing them back here because I’ve been with you the whole time I’ve lived here”.

When he refused to go to my grandfather’s funeral “because I’ve only met him once”.

But the final agonising moment when I finally realised that this man is a tosser, was when we were on holiday recently and I nearly slipped as we were walking along by the pool. My instinct was to reach out to grab his arm for support. His instinct was to pull his arm away in case I pulled him down with me.

I could go on for days… wow this has been great, I feel cleansed!!
(, Thu 21 Jul 2005, 12:20, Reply)

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