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This is a question That's when I knew it was over...

Nice and simple this week. Just tell us the exact moment you knew that relationship, that job or that penchant for custard-dipped young boys was over.

(, Thu 21 Jul 2005, 10:45)
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I Knew It Was Over...
Knew it was over as soon as she said...
"I'm a Catholic."

"No spreading before the wedding" my ass.
(, Mon 25 Jul 2005, 1:49, Reply)
this is a very depressing question
especially all the tales of texting tragedy- I hope that many people don't really end their relationships in such a cowardly and insensitive way. For all you people who were on the recieving end, I hope you realize you're above the wanker/wankess.
(, Mon 25 Jul 2005, 1:16, Reply)
Stupidest reason for ending a friendship ever
was when a close friend hung up on me mid-sentence and never spoke to me again. We had to work together for 3 more months, but she had her husband ring me up and gently explain she couldn't bring herself to associate with me. "And don't call again."

My crime? We gave birth 2 weeks apart at different hospitals. She had a caesarian section. I didn't. When I (admittedly being quite insensitive) said my labour was so slow I was lucky I didn't get cut, she hung up.
(, Mon 25 Jul 2005, 0:04, Reply)
"I've found God"
Uttered over a restaurant table on a second date.
(, Sun 24 Jul 2005, 23:41, Reply)
I knew it was over
when I bought the sound track to PI. I have not listened to a record that does not sound like a piano falling down a flight of stairs since 1997. Anything less than 400BPM sounds classical... (Turns up the Twin...)

Relationships wise: I have no self confidence whatsoever...

Was I miserable because I listened to pop music, or did i listen to pop music beceause i was miserable...
(, Sun 24 Jul 2005, 22:48, Reply)
Behind the back belming
if you feel compelled to do this in any relationship, it's over.
Trust me.
(, Sun 24 Jul 2005, 22:45, Reply)
My mate Spyke
knew it was over on New Years' eve when the fat chav munter he'd been trying to get rid of for a year asked him "will you kiss me at midnight?" and his reply of "no, I'll be thinking of somebody else" was met with a thunderous uppercut that lifted him off his feet and deposited him on his back in the pub with a big-arse scar just like Squall from Final Fantasy where her diamond sov (classy!) had dug into his face.

Still, he was finally shot of the fat tart and promptly danced home singing zippety-do-da despite it being a blizzard outside and him gushing blood from his face. He gave the Big Issue bloke all the money in his pocket he was so happy.
(, Sun 24 Jul 2005, 22:36, Reply)
The shortest houseshare in the world
Karen had been my "best" friend since first school, in fact when I got given Bowthorpe as my allocated secondary school (my third choice as it was a teen chav holding pen)I was really upset until she called to say she had got that too.
We had been through a lot together, the whole teenager girl experience and stayed friends, anyway Karen went into the world of work after 1 year of 6th form and I stayed put in 6th form for another year.
Did I see the cracks appearing? no I was blinded by the "bond of friendship"
For example, being used as a cover for her to go drinking and get out of the house she shared with her boyfriend Andy and pick up random blokes (well she did look like Kylie), she abandoned me in a bar/disco one night because she had "seen some bloke we use to go to school with and was going for a short walk"
Poor Andy, he thought she was being nice and getting me, chubby girl out into town for evenings of girly chat and drinks.
Anyway, I finally left school and home and got into a house share (with a girl whos flatmate's mum knew my mum etc). When she left to get married, I had to find a new sharer and being new to the flatmate world stupidly picked the first person who answered the ad, who didn't sound like a complete psycho.
She didn't sound like a psycho, but dear god as I learned they don't all sound nuts.
After screwing me and the landlord over for rent and bills, I decided enough was enough and asked her to leave, on the grounds it wasn't working and my friend Karen was looking to move out of her parents at that time and share.
Thankfully she went easy and the day of Karen moving in came. Her Dad and current boyfriend arrived and deposited the first full car load of stuff into her room and went back for more. They came back half an hour later, no boxes in hand and proceded to remove the stuff they had already moved in, while her Dad (really decent chap, what he did to deserve a daughter like her, god only knows) explained that Karen had had a change of heart and decided, as she was applying for jobs in London HQ of NU that her "brief" remaining time in Norwich should be best spent in the parental home (where her parents could continue to panda to her every wish and whim)
Leaving me high and dry with a full house rent and bills ( I was only temping at the time and therefore poor as a churchmouse)
camel, back, straw
BTW - she, to my knowledge, never did escape to London's bright lights of insurance HQ)

There was a lot of other stuff that she did before this, that I personally wouldn't do to someone I considered a "best" friend which I ignored/didn't see/etc, but I don't want to explain further lest I overflow the level of bitterness and hurt that this QOTW has already reached.
The invite to her wedding a few years later included a handwritten note which said as she knew I "didn't like weddings" she would "quite understand" if I decided not to come, boll*cks, she was scared than under the influence of a free bar I would tell her family and new husband and the members of her church where the used bodies/condoms where hidden.
This pain has been eased last month by seeing her in the Poundstretcher near my office looking like a worn-out, 36, mother of three (which she now is). My brother Weazal, who had a major crush on her as a teenager, has seen her too and agreed she is no "yummy mummy" and said he definitely wouldn't.
(, Sun 24 Jul 2005, 22:03, Reply)
I knew
it was over when she called me up and said "we need to talk". That can only ever mean one thing.
(, Sun 24 Jul 2005, 21:31, Reply)
The wheels started turning...
when she said "I don't believe in evolution."
(, Sun 24 Jul 2005, 21:21, Reply)
Welcome to Dumpsville No1.
This QOTW is a curse.

Got together with this amazing girl 3 weeks before I had to return home from uni. Things were electric, I've never met someone I was so instantly compatible with. She described herself as smitten, me being the one, blahblahblah.

Summer arrives, and we knew it was gonna be tough so we decided to be careful, take things cool etc. But can I admit a slight shock and much hurt upon reading on her blog about this guy she met for two whole days? Descriptions include: 'This is far too real', 'I don't remember being like this before, unable to sleep and when finally rest comes to me, dreaming of him. Not since I was a kid', followed by denials that I ever felt anything for her, I could never make any effort etc. Yet a week ago I was 'the one'! How does any sane person change so completely so quickly?! I could understand her meeting someone else, but to trash what we had like she has.. and all before she'd even talked to me. Definitely over.

Length, cherry (woohoo!), etcetc
(, Sun 24 Jul 2005, 16:45, Reply)
I knew it was over when...
Well, technically it was a few months before it was actually OVER over, but some inkling that this wasn't the Big One after all crossed my mind when bf moved in with me. It was going swimmingly well until he parked his stuff in the bedroom, opened the wardrobes and asked where his things were going. It hadn't even occurred to me that I would need to make room for him to enter my life as well as my - er - lady's special places.

From then on I kept my legs strategically crossed and engineered bad behaviour so he (a) moved out and (b) dumped me a few months later. Worked hard to make him think it was all his idea and I was a complete bitch (ok, so I didn't have to work too hard at the last bit).
(, Sun 24 Jul 2005, 16:28, Reply)
Up in smoke
Back story: December, 2003, Turin. Whilst living in Italy, dating lovely Italian girl of whom I was rather fond.

When due to celebrate our first whole year together (29th December it was..), she called to say she didn't feel that well and wasn't that up for doing anything. Ok, thought I, so I suggested doing something the following day. Apparently this was the wrong answer.. I can't remember the specifics, but she got all in a huff and said 'fine, go out with your mates then..'. Cue protracted, circling debate involving me offering to go around hers, her insisting (bitterly) that I go out. (She - although one of the loveliest people one could ever hope to meet - gets shall we say 'emotional' sometimes, and has a talent for turning pithy matters into full scale arguments. We didn't speak for about a week after I'd gone out to a mate's bbq and after a couple of beers forgot to text her as I'd promised to do. She called me in a sulk, heard other girls' voices in the background [big party] and KICKED RIGHT OFF. But I digress..)

Anyway, after this particular debate I had little desire to see her, so I gave in and elected to see aforementioned friend for an evening of weed and tunes. (Being much less stressful an experience.) Gf not best pleased, but we'd had worse arguments (including some mediterranean classics, with tears, thrown objects, screaming, more tears..), so I didn't worry too much.

As walking home from friend's apartment, gf phones and tells me - 'this is it, the straw that broke the camel's back..', and ended it.

Cue approximately 18 months of desperate longing, depression, abandonment of studies and near-abandonment of social life. Ah, ain't luv grand?

(NB: after reading, she comes across as a totally hysterical irrational bitch (which is only sometimes true). She's nice as pie really!
(, Sun 24 Jul 2005, 13:52, Reply)
Recently Ex
The night i read this question of the week i knew something bad would happen.

What would you know it, 15 mins after looking at some posts my (now ex) girlfriend says its not working

thats ironic
(, Sun 24 Jul 2005, 13:24, Reply)
Over? Thank F*CK.
I knew it was all over when my BF of 12 mths plucked up the courage to face me with the immortal words "I want to ask Desley to go out with me". Stunned, I pointed out that she's already HAD a boyfriend, and that until that moment, so did I. Meeting his nervous twitching, I told him to consider himself a free man.

One week later, he told me Desley had laughed at him and told him to run away home, and then this pathetic example of all that is clueless, ignorant, unfeeling in the male of our species then asked if I would get back together with him? He was genuinely amazed when I told him I earnestly hoped he was kidding, but he had blown his chances with me forever.

He responded to this in manly fashion by telling everyone who would listen in our circle of friends, that I had slept with someone else, in fact SEVERAL someone else's and that is why we were no longer together. Luckily, most of our mutual mates called him a nutjob and advised him to keep his jealous rages to himself.

Looking back, I am fervently glad it was his decision. His idea of a night's entertainment consisted of me arriving at his parent's place, waiting for him to have his shower (often waited on by his mother!!) before retiring to his room for a rousing session of sitting on his bed pumping a magazine of live .22 shells from the action of his rifle into a pineapple tin he kept under his bed for this very job, while he no doubt imagined my awed admiration for his skill. He would shag for two minutes, then kick me out and be asleep by 9pm. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT including weekends.

His mum also used to demand he bring home his cling wrap each day, and she would wash it with the dishes and hang it up on the cafe curtain rod to dry and be re-used again and again, until it was finally more holes than wrap, and would be replaced by a new bit.

When I look back, I thought he was so normal, until I really got to know him. I feel lucky to have escaped his bizarre universe before he went on to take up a position on a grassy knoll or bell tower somewhere. He had a raging hatred for asian people because his father fought in Vietnam, and considered his dad's standards to be his own. I still wonder when the day will come that I will see his name in the paper for all the wrong reasons. Still shuddering now. Urg.

Never apologise, and never volunteer. AMEN.
(, Sun 24 Jul 2005, 10:51, Reply)
so over
Lynette was an old flame from high school - the kind that never die.we had an amazing attraction, and would run into each other occasionally. the sexual tension was astonishing.anyways...

Halley was a woman that i had asked out to breakfast after spotting her getting into a cab after the bars had kicked us out. Breakfast and a shag later - we're hanging out.

A couple of weeks later, she invites me out with her friends. this was the "test". Tony comes along as my wingman, and the test insues. Lynette walks in, and as i hadn't seen her in a while, we get to talking. next thing i know, we're "talking" outside of the pub, sucking each other's faces off in a brief yet wild moment of passion.aces.

i walk back into the pub, and sit to total and stunned silence. not cluing in, i act as if nothing has happenned, with Tony subtley yet furiously shaking his head and looking emphatically behind me.

there was a window behind me, where Lynette and i had snogged. it appeared they had seen quite a show.

i professed my innocence, saying "she was just a friend". they promptly stood and left. aces?

it was over.
and i'm single.

(, Sun 24 Jul 2005, 8:39, Reply)
I knew it was over when
he decided we should set a date for our wedding and I suddenly was terrified of the idea of being with him. This wasn't helped by the following: -

1) He demanded I lose weight, because I looked 'like Jabba The Hut'
2) He said the words 'I'm not having a gay at my wedding' (a lot of my mates are gay)
3) We hadn't had sex for 6 months because of the 'Jabba The Hut' thing
4) I wasn't allowed out on my own past 9pm without getting a million phone calls demanding to know what time I would be home and who I was with

He criticised everything about me, made my life hell, yet despite repeated warnings he was shocked when I dumped him.
(, Sun 24 Jul 2005, 3:58, Reply)
You may have read this before,
as I posted it for a previous QOTW but this scenario scarred me for life*

At the darling age of 15 I'd appeared in some lovely performance with a drama group I was in. This lad that I had quite an interest for had come to watch (and gladly payed the £8.50 to see me!) and my parents were giving him a lift home. Bad idea.

We entered the car, and my mum (who was driving) sat down, placed her hands on the steering wheel and began making 'vroom vroom' noises.

My Dad then decided to tell us that 'the car park looks like one of those off that GTA game.' He then whipped out an imaginary rifle and began shooting at innocent imaginary pedestrians.

My younger brother (who had been placed between me and my fella) decided that he would attempt to chew both off our shoulders at various intervals during the ride home.

That's when I realised that any chances of me getting with my guy were well and truly over.

Oh, and if you're wondering whether they'd decided to do that because they knew I liked him and they felt like being twunts - they didn't. They're just complete fucking nutcases!

*may be slightly exaggerated
(, Sun 24 Jul 2005, 2:44, Reply)
I knew my job was over when
I was so angry I was actually shaking, and had to take the day off to prevent me from quitting right there and then and/or hitting people. I quit a month later - you need *some* time to plan your future.
(, Sun 24 Jul 2005, 2:04, Reply)
I knew it was over with Rosi when she walked up and said "So who's Alex then?"

I knew it was over with Alex when she walked up and said "So who's Rosi then?"
(, Sun 24 Jul 2005, 0:36, Reply)
I knew it was about to be over when the following words where used in a motivational briefing:

1. Imagineer
2. Paradigm shift (shudder)
3. Proactive

I laughed and asked if they knew what a paradigm shift was (they thought they did but didn't) I also pointed out that acting rather than reacting could only be done by doing random things (essentially having a fit) which to be fair would suit the managment style.

I was told to stop being facetious I asked them if they knew what this meant they didn't lol.

I'm not naturally a wanker I just object to people using words to frighten other people in to agreeing with them in case they look stupid I for one am not frightened to look stupid by asking "what does that mean exactly..".
(, Sat 23 Jul 2005, 23:48, Reply)
It's soooo over
Let's give a little background to this story of loss, heartache and being royally fucked over. A two-year relationship, and me and the former Mrs Jimmy were both going to uni (I was going back, she was starting). As the supportive boyfriend that I was, I helped her to move in, and also aid in the process of making friends (not exactly one of her strongpoints, so I did this for her as well). We have three good nights in Nottingham, for this is the uni she goes to. I help her to move in, make friends, and as I have said, a good time is had, both with her and her new-found social circle. I arrive home, missing her more than Pearl Harbour missed the point. I get ready for uni myself, spending ages on the phone, etc etc. I arrive at uni, still missing her. Two days in, out of the blue, I get The Phonecall. It's over. Cue the massive drinking binge, as well as feeling like utter shite. I phone up the next day (belm!!), arranging to go pick up my stuff and drop off hers. Two days later, I make the journey, to find two rather "interesting" facts. One, it's well and truly over. Two, she's fucking one of the guys who I helped her make friends with. Total bitch, no? Even worse, she nicked my PS2 as well, the bitch. Better off? Hell yeah!

Still, I recovered. and another story, this time being the end of an era at uni. I was missing the end of term blowout, mainly because I was leaving early to come and work in the States, where this post is being written. True alcoholic armageddon, if ever there was. A baker's dozen of shots, a very filthy, dirty pint; two bongs and several spliffs later, I wake up in the morning bald, covered in writing (later found to be signatures), clutching a large iron spike. It was the best party I had in ages. At least I somehow woke up in my own bed. And what did I do? Had a wash and then spent the morning getting absolutely wasted on weed (again). Rock on.

Watching some of the video back, it seems I was doing speeches. Which were quite short and sharp, unlike this post.


It's just occurred to me that perhaps I owe my ex a debt of gratitude, as the day after she dumped me I ended up signing up for Camp Leaders in America at the Fresher's Fayre, and now I am writing this post in my own computer room in upstate NY, working in a children's summer camp. Funny how things turn out, eh?
(, Sat 23 Jul 2005, 23:44, Reply)
I knew it was over at when....
Well its not actually over yet but will be in a few weeks. I work for a large nation wide Chemist you know the one (the one thats not Superdrug) and its shite.

I knew it was about to be over when they put a fat lazy slug in charge of me, when I "accidently" fucked the printers for a week, when they told me I was too good at my job to be promoted (I was not after my supervisors job nor did she decline me so its not sour grapes against her she really is a fat lazy slug)and when I started visiting the toilet twice daily in order to jack one out on company time (god being paid to wanks horny).

Not very funny but knowing I'm leaving for better shores means I can finally release six years of pent up aggression. My supervisor (sorry "team leader" (fucking managment speak)) changes shoes when she starts work so I'm going to coil one out in to her shoes on my last day; I dont need a reference and I know where all the security cameras are.

Edit: Why is it that in retail when they promote supervisors they immediatly become clipboard nazis (like Hitler without the cuddliness) and why are they always women?
(, Sat 23 Jul 2005, 23:35, Reply)
Ok, just one more
I realised my job was over when my boss's brother in law expressed an interest in my job, one day in the pub.

Next week, I am being "performanced managed" by the cock sucking bint who fucked her way to the top and couldnt manage her way out of a wet paper bag except unless she showed it her fanny. The "underperformance" was clearly trumped up and got round the region as a class example of this womans stupidity.

Time to fuck off to huge international retailer and 50% payrise.

She left 6 weeks later, and her brother in law literaly try to ruin the next 3 stores he worked in before he was asked to leave. I pop in from time to time and they still go on about how much total shite he brought in to the store and how they can not get rid of it.

Have I ruined the QOTW? No one else is posting. Was it my sick threat to publish Fat 50's snaps of my mother in law?
(, Sat 23 Jul 2005, 23:01, Reply)
This really is the end
I fully expect I will be emailed my Dear John as she will think that this would be ironic.

She hates me being on the PC, you see.

If she would only let me shag her then I wouldnt have to resort to *deleted but involved pron*.

If she does send it, i will.... *deleted too but involved photos of her mum and specialist web sites showing fat middle aged housewifes*

(, Sat 23 Jul 2005, 19:56, Reply)
This is the end
You know its over when your significant other turns in to someone else overnight.

Previous Gf have gone from being a goth to a casual in the space of 2 weeks (getting pumped by some football hooligan)

Previous Gf getting all hollier than thou and talking about God alot (getting plundered by some teen age God botherer)

Current Mrs (probably soon to be ex) after 16 years of decrying all 80's Indie Music, annoucing she was going to see the Pixies in 8 weeks time with "people from work". Then saying that I just dont know her & that she has "always been into them".
"Then name one of their famous singles?"
"One was used for an advert for Smirnoff?"
"Dont know"

And she uses words previously never heard of or considered "common"....."Phew! what a night last night (with "work mates"). A good criac (sp)"
"Fuck off! When did you turn Oirish?"

The writing is on the wall
(, Sat 23 Jul 2005, 19:31, Reply)
i knew it was over
when she fucked some guy we met on holiday. that wouldn't have been so bad if i hadn't been there, or if she had ever fucked me.

both would have been favourite though.

YOU FUCKING BITCH i still hate you ten years later!!!

i wonder if she'll read this. hmmm... just in case she does i would like to make a statement:

my name is Boris, i am a dancing lepricorn from taiwan, and i like to eat jelly with my feet and juggle live microwaves with the doors taken off. i have definitely never been to majorca.
(, Sat 23 Jul 2005, 18:31, Reply)
As soon as I
clicked "send"!
(, Sat 23 Jul 2005, 18:22, Reply)
i knew it was over
when I saw the mole in between her breasts.

Really freaked me out. Couldn't even get a stiffy to shag her cos it really put me off - plus I had the Willies From Mars song in my head - DAMN YOU B3TA!

I dumped her a few days ago, night before her birthday so I didn't have to buy her a present.
Yes I'm picky/evil.
(, Sat 23 Jul 2005, 17:34, Reply)
I knew it was over before it began
I was round my best mates house after school and one of her male mates I knew was there. She was going on how nice it was having a bf and ome how, reluctently,got pushed into going out with this guy who on the same day cornered me in the kitchedn and gave me my first *Kiss*.

Like a washing mcshine and stil the worst kiss ever. Still only saw him twice after that. He was ginger and had nice hands!

My best friend apologised loads when she found out that he was my first, shed dated him years ago and he hasnt improved.
(, Sat 23 Jul 2005, 16:55, Reply)

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