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This is a question That's when I knew it was over...

Nice and simple this week. Just tell us the exact moment you knew that relationship, that job or that penchant for custard-dipped young boys was over.

(, Thu 21 Jul 2005, 10:45)
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Up in smoke
Back story: December, 2003, Turin. Whilst living in Italy, dating lovely Italian girl of whom I was rather fond.

When due to celebrate our first whole year together (29th December it was..), she called to say she didn't feel that well and wasn't that up for doing anything. Ok, thought I, so I suggested doing something the following day. Apparently this was the wrong answer.. I can't remember the specifics, but she got all in a huff and said 'fine, go out with your mates then..'. Cue protracted, circling debate involving me offering to go around hers, her insisting (bitterly) that I go out. (She - although one of the loveliest people one could ever hope to meet - gets shall we say 'emotional' sometimes, and has a talent for turning pithy matters into full scale arguments. We didn't speak for about a week after I'd gone out to a mate's bbq and after a couple of beers forgot to text her as I'd promised to do. She called me in a sulk, heard other girls' voices in the background [big party] and KICKED RIGHT OFF. But I digress..)

Anyway, after this particular debate I had little desire to see her, so I gave in and elected to see aforementioned friend for an evening of weed and tunes. (Being much less stressful an experience.) Gf not best pleased, but we'd had worse arguments (including some mediterranean classics, with tears, thrown objects, screaming, more tears..), so I didn't worry too much.

As walking home from friend's apartment, gf phones and tells me - 'this is it, the straw that broke the camel's back..', and ended it.

Cue approximately 18 months of desperate longing, depression, abandonment of studies and near-abandonment of social life. Ah, ain't luv grand?

(NB: after reading, she comes across as a totally hysterical irrational bitch (which is only sometimes true). She's nice as pie really!
(, Sun 24 Jul 2005, 13:52, Reply)

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