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This is a question Job Interviews

If it's not the "where do you see yourself in five years time" question, it's the trick questions they throw at you to make them feel superior. Tell us about your worst job interview and the most unsuited candidates you've seen. BTW: Please don't use the question board to send messages to each other. It makes the whole thing unreadable for everyone else.

(, Thu 20 Jan 2005, 9:51)
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Interviewing when hungover
I went to an interview having with a masive hangover having been to a party the night before.

After the interview with the prospective new boss during which I'm struggling to hold down my breakfst, I'm introduced to the management team who are having a meeting.

"How did you get into this industry?", one asked.

"I started studing accountancy", I replied, "but I couldn't face life as a boring accountant" (true).

Big laugh all round and then I'm introduced to the Accounts Manager - Richard Head!

Thanks to the hangover, I just managed to keep a straight face and after handshakes all round, I left to go back home to bed.

Got the job too!
(, Sat 22 Jan 2005, 8:40, Reply)

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