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This is a question Karma

Sue Denham writes, "I once slipped out of work two hours early without the boss noticing. In my hurry to make the most of this petty victory, I knocked myself out on the car door and spent the rest of the day semi-conscious, bowking rich brown vomit over my one and only suit."

Have you been visited by the forces of Karma, or watched it happen to other people?

Thanks to Pooflake for the suggestion

(, Thu 21 Feb 2008, 14:24)
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on my way to work
on the bus one morning when i were a little younger. the bus was a massive, slow and very old double decker,

coming into norwich on the ipswich road there is a section where 2 lanes merge into one and shortly after this there is a traffic island in the middle of the road, passing a car in the right hand lane at the last minute is dangerous as if u dont get into the lane in front of the car in time you would bounce off the island

one morning a lady in an old vw polo who was obviously late for something thought she would try it with a bus, rather priditably didn't make it and she ended up screeching to a halt in front of the traffic island and she sat there holding her horn down for a good 10 seconds as the bus truddled past.

Now mr bus driver (for that was his name) had done nothing wrong, he neither speeded up or slowed down and he had no need to slow down to give way to her as she was no where near the front of the bus when the lanes merged, in fact she was just about level with the back of the bus, any police officer or driving instructor would tell u to pull back and merge in behind the bus

I (and the rest of the passengers) assumed that was the end of it but oh no..... about half a mile up the road the bus pulls into a layby/bus stop to let people off and the woman comes roaring up and parks in front of the bus. Now no accident had occured so the bus driver had no reason at all to stop however when he then went to pull back out into traffic the woman decided to create an accident and reversed her car into the front of the bus, there followed much raising of voices between the drivers and someone on the bus called the police out,

the first good bit came when both drivers came back on the bus faced the passengers and the lady demanded "I need someones details as a witness" at least 3 people told her where she could stick her pen and paper, then the driver pipped up "i could use a witness" and the woman stared on as we all formed an orderly queue, when my turn came i noticed that some had written their details and some comments aswell

the second good part came as the police turned up i enjoyed telling the officer exactly how it happened and how it wasn't the bus drivers fault and even recited parts of the highway code all while the woman stood next to him turning redder and redder, i then sat down and watched the woman turn whiter and whiter as the officer simply told her that on the basis of initial evidence and witness statments he would be arresting her on dangerous and wreckless driving, endangering the public, breach of the public peace, criminal damage and some others...

i saw the driver some months later in a shop and asked about it..... all but 2 of the witnesses had replyed to the police questionare with almost identical information... the result ? she got 6 points and £400 fine and had a job where she was supposed to have a clean licence.... nice
(, Thu 21 Feb 2008, 18:58, 2 replies)
good story

I especially liked when no one would be her witness but queued up for Mr. Bus Driver.
(, Fri 22 Feb 2008, 1:46, closed)
Nice one
I enjoyed "mr bus driver (for that was his name)", thought that alone was clickworthy.
(, Tue 26 Feb 2008, 17:14, closed)

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