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This is a question Killed to DEATH

Speedevil asks: What have you killed? Accidentally, or on purpose. Concepts, species, a man in Reno, the career of a well-known entertainer, or anything else.

(, Thu 22 Dec 2011, 13:18)
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One of our cats FAILED to properly kill a bird. My Mrs found it flopping around in our back yard in quite some distress.

Being the caveman I am, I knew that I could dispatch it with instant humane effectiveness.

Cue the garden shears..

Upon it's position I crept, to the flailing 'rock dove' (common pigeon).

With a deep breath, I extended the shears, then shot at it with the power akin to the power required to snip a thick stem of doc weed.

This did NOT work.

I was now gazing upon a mutilated creature with a broken neck, but all the skin and blood vessels required to keep the head attached and to motivate it to activate it's 'flight' reflex.

Cue five minutes of 'gag inducing' slashing at the said head in order to remove it.

Eventually, I did dispatch the poor creature, but it was far from pretty.

You asked for it. That is what happened.

Oh, the fun.
(, Thu 29 Dec 2011, 4:52, 1 reply)
A couple of years ago 1 of our cats caught a rabbit in the bush over the road.
Mutilated the poor bloody thing. We caught it and took it to the local vets where they said they would put it down humanely.
Probably bricked it out the back whilst thinking of us as pussies.
(, Thu 29 Dec 2011, 5:16, closed)

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