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This is a question "Needless to say, I had the last laugh"

Celebrity autobiographies are filled to the brim with self-righteous tales of smug oneupmanship. So, forget you had any shame, grab a coffee and a croissant, and tell us your smug tales of when you got one over somebody.

Thanks to Ring of Fire for the suggestion

(, Thu 3 Feb 2011, 12:55)
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Pea roast tiem.
I used to work in a SPAR-type convenience shop.
I had a queue of customers that I was serving when a woman walked in smoking a cigarette.
This was 7 10 years ago - I would have thought that it was fairly obvious that it was no longer acceptable to smoke in shops, but no; in she came, puffing away.
"Could you put that out, or take it outside please?" Said I.
"Why? Doesn't say I can't smoke in here on the door." Says Chavella.
"..." I said, stumped, as I realised we actually didn't have a no smoking sign on the door anymore.
"Besides, you sell cigarettes don't you?" She said.
"That may well be the case, madam," I said,
"But I should point out we also sell condoms."
(, Thu 3 Feb 2011, 13:08, Reply)

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