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This is a question Why I was late

"On the way to the station, I got hit by a bat, it almost took my head clean off. Then the machine would not accept my ticket and the guy at the gate didn't think I looked like the photo on my travel card. So I had to go home and get my passport.

Then the train was 45 minutes late to the station because of the dangerous badger threat at Carpenters Park.

When I was on the train it took and hour and a half to get past the biscuit factory because the driver was really fat.

Then there was a delay stopping at the station because the train in front had heard we were coming and decided to play a practical joke with a rubber shoe on the track.

That is why I couldn't get here on time today."

What's your best excuse?

(, Thu 28 Jun 2007, 10:36)
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Sadly this isn't really funny...
When I was a teenager, I had this part time weekend job in somerfield. For some insane reason I ended up as the weekend supervisor for the deli counter.
One weekend I thought I was due to start at mid day, so I stayed up late and got totally wankered. On reaching my bedroom at 3am I suddenly remembered I was actually supposed to be starting at 8am.


So anyway I set the alarm clock for 7am hoping I might actually hear it.

I did, but switched it right off in a halfdrunken haze.
I eventually woke up at 10am and rang work saying 'Sorry I'm not there I ...slightly overslept'
'Slightly??' says the boss.
'I'll be there in 30 mins' says I.
'Don't bother we got Maggie to cover it, see you next week!'
Result, I got a free day off, and they forgot to dock my pay too :D
(, Mon 2 Jul 2007, 0:57, Reply)

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