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This is a question Lego

Battered wonders, "What amazing stuff have you got up to with Lego?" Or just tell us about the time you got a Lego brick stuck up your privates.

All people referring to 'Legos' will be shot at down. Or dawn. Your choice.

(, Thu 24 Oct 2013, 15:13)
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My mates mum had an old treddle sewing machine - without the sewing machine bit. That left a treddle, wheel (about 24 inch diameter) and table.
The size of a lego wheel is about 10mm therefore the gearing is about.. erm... twelvety to one...ish if you connect them with a bit of string.
We built and connected ever more elaborate windmills and rotating stuff from the treddle to the lego which, with energetic treddling, would spin at fckin HUGE revolutions.
Lego is tough. Tougher than the ceiling - pockmarked - and certainly my forehead which took the full force of an exploding 'thing' as the centrifugal forces beat the grippines of a flat 4 or 10 or whatever... it was a long time ago. I have scars.

Ah well... less painful than sticking it up yer arse.

Lego still has blood stains.
(, Sat 26 Oct 2013, 0:56, 2 replies)

(, Sat 26 Oct 2013, 8:36, closed)

That's ABS they're made out of (known for its impact resistance and toughness), the same stuff they make sports cars from where you stand a reasonable chance of not dying in a crash at 180MPH!
(, Tue 29 Oct 2013, 19:24, closed)

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