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This is a question Lies that went on too long

When you lie you often have to keep lying. Share your pain. When I was 15 I pretended to be 16 to help get a summer job. Then had to spend a summer with this nice shopkeeper asking me everyday if I was excited about getting my GCSE results. I felt like an utter shit. Thanks to MerseyMal for the suggestion.

(, Thu 8 Mar 2012, 21:57)
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Back in 2003, on the first day of freshers week in University, I was round another person's flat doing the whole 'awkward socialising with new people' thing that recent home-leavers go through. To help along the way I'd already consumed a few beers with my flatmate, who'd invited me to the flat we were currently in. After a while of people constantly introducing themselves to one another, the girls who owned the flat decided it would be a great idea if we went round in turn and said our names so that everyone, albeit briefly, could know everyone else's name. So thus
"I'm James too"
...went round the room, like some sort of weird roll-call. It came to my turn. I'm not entirely sure why - perhaps due to the drink - but instead of saying Gibbon's actual name, I just said "Arnold". Completely straight-faced. A couple of the girls giggled. Before my brain could re-engage after my hilarious quip and clarify that I had been joking, roll-call proceeded round the room. I'd missed my opportunity! These people actually thought I was called Arnold.

I'm not even sure, apart from Mr. Schwarzenegger or Mr. Rimmer, that I could even name an Arnold off hand. But Arnold I had said, and it stuck. For weeks, I'd have people coming up to me saying 'hey ARNOLD!', 'how's it going ARNOLD!'...and each time, I'd usually correct these people who had been in attendance that night. However, a couple of people still didn't believe me - it became a bit of a joke in itself, with them refusing to even believe the name on my passport was good enough evidence of not being an Arnold.

Now, nearly ten years on, there are still a couple of people who call me Arnold. They probably always will.
(, Fri 9 Mar 2012, 16:20, closed)
Ha ha
I did exactly the same thing, except I said my name was Sam. Admitted the same evening that it was a joke, but took months for people to stop calling me Sam.
(, Fri 9 Mar 2012, 16:33, closed)
So this is really a lie that you corrected at the next available opportunity?
Yet people ignored so as to prolong the egg on your face?
(, Fri 9 Mar 2012, 16:55, closed),0,214,317_.jpg
(, Fri 9 Mar 2012, 19:16, closed)

(, Fri 9 Mar 2012, 21:13, closed)
I know- must just be this browser only showing placeholders.
(, Fri 9 Mar 2012, 21:53, closed)

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