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This is a question Local Nutters

Everywhere in the world has its fair share of deranged people. I grew up in Wolverhampton and remember the Polish tramp who lived in a tent on the roundabout. Legend had it that his coat was stuffed with cash. More recently I notice the guy who spends his day pushing a trolley round Camden Sainsburys shouting, "Best of luck!". Constantly. Tell us about your local nutters. Points for details. Extra points for photos.

(, Thu 16 Sep 2004, 11:54)
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the invisible nutter
well it goes a little something like this:
me and some friends were having a barbecue on the beach, we started at tesco's and took all our gear in a trolley, borrowed from tesco's car park, all the way along the small (20ft high) cliff, to the small path which went down the beach, nice and secluded so we could burn things and not get told off and stuff and i'm ranting... anyways, after we had finished burning the last of our rubbish and blowing up deodourant cans, we went back up to the top of the cliff where had left our trolley, and we found the whole undercarriage of the trolley was gone, posing 3 questions:

a)why would some one want the undercarriage of a trolley? (the bit that connects the 4 wheels to the trolley and eachother)
b)who would be looking for one along a cliff in the middle of nowhere?
c)who carries around a hand saw capable of hacking through 15mm of steel?
d)how come we couldnt hear them doing it? we were never more than 10 feet away from where we had left the trolley...
e)how were we gonna get the barbecue and stuff home?

we did manage in the end, but we still dont understand...
(, Wed 22 Sep 2004, 17:15, Reply)

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