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This is a question Losing it

Bluehamster tells us: "This morning I found myself filling my mug not a teabag, but with Shreddies." Tell us of the times when you've convinced yourself that you're losing your marbles.

(, Thu 21 Jul 2011, 12:59)
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Very nearly resulted in paperwork...
By way of background at the point this happened I had three sons at home one of whom had hay fever (aged 3) and one who was on medication for a heart problem (episodes of subventricular tachycardia).

One day I was dispatched by SWMBO to dose youngest child with 10 ml of his hayfever medicine (ceterizine). As I was drawing up the drug into a syringe and about to dose him my wife came into the room and asked, in a very pointed tone, "Do you really want to give him that?". I replied with words to the effect of "Of course I do, you told me to do it". I was asked again if I should be dosing the child.

SWMBO then asked me to look at the colour of the medicine. It was only after a number of very unsubtle hints that I realised that I was about to dose a 3 year with approximately 10 time the dose of the 6 year old's digoxin which would have a very good chance of stopping the child's heart which, I fear, would have led to an unpleasant bout of paperwork.
(, Thu 21 Jul 2011, 18:26, Reply)

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