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This is a question Why I Love/Hate Britain

This week's been all about the Daily Mail and why people love or hate their country. Tell us one thing you hate about Britain, and one thing about why you love it.

This shouldn't be an excuse for RACISTLOLS, or long lists of things you dislike. Be intelligent, be funny, and be interesting

(, Thu 3 Oct 2013, 13:55)
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BNP Boss
My old boss had political views that would have seen him kicked out of UKIP.
To him, the idea that the foreigns should be sent back to Bongo Bongo Land wasn't extreme enough. After they'd all been repatriated, Bongo Bongo Land should then be nuked to prevent them getting out again.
One day he was getting drunk at the bar and started to hold court.
He lived in a sleepy, Sussex village and recently a family had moved into the area who were of the dark skinned persuasion.
This was not on. There were places for blacks to live, and they were cities (if we couldn't send them back to BBL). It was a fucking disgrace, why should he have to put up with living within a mile of these people.
"My grandad didn't fight in the war so I'd have to live next door to a load of blacks. He fought for white, Anglo Saxon Protestants and he'd be spinning in his grave right now."
At this point I was gob smacked. I knew his views were not to my taste but I didn't really think he was that extreme.
Suddenly an old man sat at the bar pipped up over his half. "My dad fought in the war and if he'd have heard you he would have punched you straight in the face. He was a Scottish Catholic and he fought in the war to stop fascists like you!" With that, he necked the end of his drink, and walked past the now spluttering racist and without glancing in his direction left with the immortal words "You cock!"
Within the space of a second I'd gone from hating my fellow countrymen and the place we live to having my faith in humanity restored.

Edit: must admit I didn't really read the brief. That's one thing I hate about us Brits, too arrogant to believe the rules apply to us.
(, Sat 5 Oct 2013, 12:00, 5 replies)
you worked for Monty Boyce?

(, Sat 5 Oct 2013, 17:38, closed)
Cromwell should have wiped ALL the Fenian scum out when he had the chance.
Also, ALL Porridge-wogs are as bad as the fucking Micks, always banging on about how great their shitty little third world hellhole homeland is. HAVING MOVED TO ENGLAND!
(, Sat 5 Oct 2013, 19:09, closed)
So you've visited Lewes before

(, Sun 6 Oct 2013, 13:14, closed)
We have a winner
Magnificent, sir/madam
(, Sun 6 Oct 2013, 12:04, closed)
"Too arrogant to believe that the rules apply to us"?
Really? I've always been dismayed by us Brits' fawning acceptance of rules handed down from The Great And The Good (who, of course, turned out long ago to be neither).

Vis: we bleat on about Faceless Bureaucrats in Brussels, but fail to notice that the rest of Europe gets by by simply ignoring the rules that they produce. Or, by bringing their country to a stand-still with mass protests and national strikes.

Personally, I have no problem with the rules coming from Brussels. Brussels, UN, London, Brighton Town Hall: what's the difference? We should care less where they came from, and more whether they are contributing to our lives or not. We're far too passive, as a nation.

The Poll Tax riots and the more recent Countryside Alliance marches would have been considered to be a sleepy Sunday afternoon, in Paris or Athens.
(, Mon 7 Oct 2013, 11:13, closed)

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