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This is a question Why I Love/Hate Britain

This week's been all about the Daily Mail and why people love or hate their country. Tell us one thing you hate about Britain, and one thing about why you love it.

This shouldn't be an excuse for RACISTLOLS, or long lists of things you dislike. Be intelligent, be funny, and be interesting

(, Thu 3 Oct 2013, 13:55)
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I'm easily pleased but the brief is a bit limiting.
I hate the political vacuums who have inveigled their way into power and money with a great deal of emphasis on the latter. The sooner a new force in politics gives them all the shove the better. Cameron, Hague, Miliband, Clegg, Salmond and company wouldn't know an honest idea if it bit them in the arse - I can't mention any more names as I've no idea who most of these vampires are.

I hate lowest-common-denominator television and its screaming, brain-dead studio audiences.

Estuary English makes my flesh crawl.

I think anyone who promotes PFI in schools or hospitals needs to be shagged with a ragman's trumpet.

I have no time for the professionally offended. Tough up and get a backbone or, in a lot of cases, bugger off back under whichever stone you crawled out from and stop trying to make our country fit your demands.

I love so many things that I'd take up too much of your valuable time to list them all; perhaps in another topic . . . .
(, Mon 7 Oct 2013, 19:27, 5 replies)
pinko fascist

(, Mon 7 Oct 2013, 19:39, closed)

(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 7:16, closed)
Look at you with all your SMUUUUUUUUUG
I bet your kids have idiot names like Tarquin and Delilah, you laughable pathetic shit.
(, Tue 8 Oct 2013, 8:06, closed)

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