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This is a question Made me laugh

Rob asks: Has anything happened recently that's made you laugh? Share your stories with us - we need the joy.

(, Thu 6 Dec 2012, 12:07)
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Some people are a bit too serious

Last night I invested in a decent little Steam purchase of "Counterstrike: Global Offensive" as I had managed to finally be bothered fix my PC's performance issues after a few months of tinkering (bloody cooling fan was working when it wanted to) and I fancied a bash at something that wasn't involving streaming porn. So I connect to my friend's Teamspeak channel and he's already online having a game and sounding slightly halfcut, which was just as well as he was. I boot up CS:GO and setup a group with him and proceed to join a public game with about 8 other players.

One of those players (whom I won't name but he's a red juice and shouts "Ohhhh yeah" and smashes walls through on american adverts) was on our team and proceeds to talk to the rest of the team while putting on his best Solid Snake voice "WALK WHERE I WALK....WATCH YOUR CORNERS..." He starts sneaking about and quoting various cliché quotes from different soldier films to the point where we automatically all pissed ourselves laughing. Then we realized he was not taking the piss as he got arsey about us ignoring his every command (he'd taken it upon himself to believe he was some kind of general and started ordering everyone around) and that only made it funnier. Me and Jas decided that where-ever he was sneaking to we would stand next to him while shouting "YES SIR" or "ROGER THAT" after everything he said, randomly shoot at stuff so everyone on the other side knew where he was and when he'd say to our team only something like "HEAD TO B" we would shout out to everyone including the other team "HEADING TO B NOW" just to fuck him off.

Took him 2 hours to stop pretending to be Solid Snake, what a cock :)
(, Fri 7 Dec 2012, 18:11, 3 replies)
Oh man, I hope you've got more thrilling tales like this.

(, Fri 7 Dec 2012, 18:17, closed)
Fucking hell.
This is certainly going to dispel the stereotype that gamers are all unfuckingbelievably fucking dull. You unfuckingbelievably fucking dull cunt. Fuck. Really. Fuck.
(, Sat 8 Dec 2012, 17:55, closed)

(, Sat 8 Dec 2012, 17:55, closed)

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