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This is a question Drugs

Tell us your pharmaceutically-influenced anecdotes, legal or otherwise. We promise not to dob you in to The Man.

Thanks to sanityclause for the suggestion

(, Thu 16 Sep 2010, 13:30)
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First time on mushrooms
Was in halls at uni, pardon the cliché, and it was about 9pm. Group of us took them together and then waited for a while, nothing seemed to be happening. Mate 1 decided to go and get some cigs from Tesco's express round the corner.

Moving on 1hour and he hasn't returned. For the rest of us the drugs had well and truly kicked in, Mate 2 was definitely a foetus on his bean bag and my QOTSA poster was 3D. We all got a bit worried about missing Mate 1 so decided to venture out to find him.

He was in Tesco's staring at a honeydew melon, where he had been for the past hour.
(, Thu 16 Sep 2010, 15:07, 2 replies)
Hahahahaha Bill Bailey
"I have some advice for you: don't take strong hallucinogenic drugs and go shopping. I was having a lovely time shopping. A lovely time. Turns out I'd been stroking an aubergine for six hours."
(, Thu 16 Sep 2010, 15:09, closed)
yeah that seems about right.
(, Thu 16 Sep 2010, 15:13, closed)

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