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This is a question When I met the parents

When my g/f first met my parents for lunch, my Dad leant over and ate food off her plate. My mother was mortified, I was a bit confused, she thought it was wonderfull and that she'd been accepted.

We at B3ta are sure you've had worse than this though... tell us all about it.

(, Thu 19 May 2005, 13:27)
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Week in germany
Was flying off to Germany to spend a week with my (german) girlfriend at her parent's house (whom I hadn't met before).

Got very pissed before the flight and just managed to get the Gatwick express to the airport in time. Unfortunately, the check-in person informed me that the flight was from Heathrow.

I got a very expensive ticket to another airport reasonably close to where her parents lived. Meanwhile, girlfriend and parents had already left home, and as these were the days before mobiles, they spent a long time wondering why I hadn't got off the plane.

Eventually mmanaged to ring them after they had wandered home, and they picked me up from the other airport. For some reason she, and her parents, didn't seem very pleased to see me.
(, Thu 19 May 2005, 14:32, Reply)

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