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This is a question When I met the parents

When my g/f first met my parents for lunch, my Dad leant over and ate food off her plate. My mother was mortified, I was a bit confused, she thought it was wonderfull and that she'd been accepted.

We at B3ta are sure you've had worse than this though... tell us all about it.

(, Thu 19 May 2005, 13:27)
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problems meeting her spanish mother....
I recently hooked up with a nice spanish girl from Kirkstall Brewery Student Halls in Leeds, and things have gone really well. Except for today when her mother flew over from Madrid. I'm kind of shy when it comes to meeting new people, but her mum was really nice and her english was ok so we got on well. So we were all having a nice meal cooked by her mother, and then at the end of the meal i tried to impress the mother with my l33t spanish skills...i tried to say "i loved the chicken, but somehow i managed to say "i loved the dick"... apparantly dick and chicken sound the same :*(

What makes it worse is her mum is a strict catholic and was obviously really pissed off with me for saying that, and whats worse is my girlfriend went bright red and didn't try and lighten the situation or even explain to me what the fuck i'd done. bitch.

edit: so... pollas ='dick'(po-ya) and pollo (po-yo)='chicken'. Thanks to B3th for that info =D
(, Fri 20 May 2005, 0:53, Reply)

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