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This is a question Obscure Memorabilia

At home my other half has a broken piece of a piano. Just a single hammer from a broken piano. And yet this twisted bit of wood and metal is a piece from the piano that they flung in the TV series Northern Exposure. We've also got some gardening tools from the first series of Big Brother.

What wierd stuff do you own that has a history?

(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 8:19)
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Kevin Keegan
In around 1996ish I was on a train coming home from London KX to Darlington, listening to something on my Walkman. The ticket inspector came round, and as he clipped my ticket, he asked if the walkman had a radio. I said it did, and he told me that Kevin Keegan was in 1st class, and wondered if anyone had a radio so he could hear some footie result (it was England v Italy I think). I was all, yeah, right... until I humoured him and walked back up to 1st class.. There was Kevin Keegan, my childhood hero, sitting with Gary Speed (whoever). My GOD! I remember saying "i have a radio would you like to borrow my radio" like a gibbering nutter, and he was really nice and polite, a lovely bloke. Anyhoo, the headphones were the in-ear type, and when I went back to get my walkman, and after he'd signed a seat ticket thingy for me, and after I realised what a short-arse he is, I also realised that I had some of his earwax stuck to my headphones.

Yes. I own some of Kevin Keegan's earwax.
(, Sat 6 Nov 2004, 11:20, Reply)

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