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This is a question Obscure Memorabilia

At home my other half has a broken piece of a piano. Just a single hammer from a broken piano. And yet this twisted bit of wood and metal is a piece from the piano that they flung in the TV series Northern Exposure. We've also got some gardening tools from the first series of Big Brother.

What wierd stuff do you own that has a history?

(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 8:19)
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Famous sofa
My Aunt owns an especially long blue sofa that was used in 70s p0rn fims. I like to lie down on it and check down the back for any 'souvenirs'
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 11:15, Reply)
"That's not just any old rubble, you know - it's sacred!"
I have a plastic carrier bag containing several pounds of builder's rubble which I keep in the bottom of my wardrobe.

It was the cause of a prolonged and heated argument when we moved house a couple of years ago, thanks, mainly, due to my refusal to get rid of the sacred stone chippings.

That's women for you. She'll never understand why I've kept part of the Arsenal North Bank, and she never will.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 11:10, Reply)
I have a suppository mould. Got it from a previous job when we were moving buildings and didn't need our suppository moulds any more.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 11:06, Reply)
Apparently in
the first lara croft film she runs around looking for the peices of this triangle thing. I have 'the' (well one of three odd) Triangle things.

Also a lot of latex replica guns that would do Sharpe proud.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 11:03, Reply)
I have a piece of an aqueduct
it's from the longest above ground aqueduct in europe

it's a little shorter now
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 11:02, Reply)
robot cock
my mate owns the infamous fully operational hydraulic penis used by the beastie boys on their tour of the uk back when they were really controversial, in 1988 or something.
its about 16 foot long and he bought it from adam yauch for 1 quid ages ago. sadly, he still can't afford to ship it over from america, so it resides in adam yauch's lock-up somewhere.

i, on the other hand, am the owner of an infamously small, semi-operational tiny penis, which i keep in my pants.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 11:00, Reply)
Gurning maraca flinger
Not mine - but a guy I shared a house with had a single maraca which he placed with great reverence on the mantlepiece.

When questioned he just said "Well who's famous for only playing the maracas?"

Touched (and played) by the hand of Bez - Happy Monday's own gurning, maraca-flinging drug dustbin loon.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 10:56, Reply)
Not technically valid as an answer...
... but I'm not far off the total money required to buy one of the floor-tiles used on the USS Sulaco from Aliens.

One day, it will be mine.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 10:48, Reply)
A beer mat
from underneath Ben Affleck's pint from Pearl Harbour.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 10:46, Reply)
Reverse obscure memorabilia
Van Morrison owes my dad 50 pence (or the 1950's equivalent) from when they were wee lads in Belfast. Hence, thus and therefore Van Morrison owns some DelTorro Dad memorabilia?
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 10:32, Reply)
I've got...
...quite a bit of crap! So here goes...

- A stool that puppeteers working on the Labrynth sat on - and fuck me they must have bad backs 'cos it's tiny

- The metal pressing disc from Lena Lovich's 'Flex' album...and no, I haven't heard it either

- Rufus Brevett's worn match shirt from when he was at QPR...and it stinks to high heaven. Thank fuck it's in a frame!

I also collect signed film pics. Got about 90 or so now. Far too many. Anyone wanna make me an offer on any of em?
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 10:17, Reply)
I have a full set of promotional photocards of all the early ladies of hollyoaks, signed, but, and here's the twist....signed with tales of fictional sexual abandon with myself, scrwaled from their filth encrusted dirt minds. Some of 'em would make Bernard Manning blush!
We also have a grange hill blazer badge, some giant graphs from a franz ferdinand video, some disfigures cat toys with removed heads....the heads were used in a radiohead video, and a roger mellie animatronic head that my friend found in a skip in bristol.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 10:12, Reply)
I was once on Blue Peter and, as a result own a
paper BBC cup signed by the great John Leslie(I also have a signed photo of Anthea Turner). On the way to the recording, I passed two be-baseballcapped youngsters on the platform at White city tube. They were leaning over a woman who was in the emergency drink and drugs position. As I approached to laugh at their drunken situation, I was forced to take a step back in horror - it was PJ ("Ahm blaind and ah cannee see")and Duncan "aka" Ant & Dec. Blimey. should have nicked one of the hats...
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 9:58, Reply)
An opera score
La Fanciulla del West, as if anyone cares. Belonged to Eva Turner, as if anyone's heard of her. Must be getting on for 100 years old now.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 9:58, Reply)
Eldorado Character list
Taken from the wall of Maxwells office shortly after he decided to go swimming. A A3 typed on a typewriter(gasp!) character list for Eldorado with all the names highlighted in bright neon colours.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 9:53, Reply)
Ground Force
One of my neighbours has a framed set of mangy dried old teabags. They were allegedly used to make the Ground Force people a brew when they were at her community centre. Each one is individually labelled and she has hung the frame in pride of place over her mantlepiece.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 9:49, Reply)
Not sure if this quite counts
but my mum has not one but two COMMEMERATIVE BRICKS!

one for the silver anniversary of the queen being the queen and one for the marriage of Charles and Di.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 9:49, Reply)
Lost nostalgia
When I moved out of my parents house, a lot of things that I'd hoarded over the years got cleared out:

Atari 2600 console.
SEGA Magadrive.
Atari 600 8-bit micro.
Atari ST.
Commodore Amiga.

All in perfect working order but I just assumed that they'd been under the bed for so long, I'd never play them again. Oh how I now yearn for the nostalgia! ):

I still have "The Home Computer Course (c)1980-odd" in their original binders though, so I can read about old computers (:
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 9:45, Reply)
I have the set list from a gig by indie-supergroup Snowpony that they did at the Rhythm Factory in Whitechapel.

Along with the traditional list of songs performed scrawled down in black marker pen there’s some mad ramble on there about how “some girls are boy and some boys think they are girls and most people are confused” (or something).

The lead singer sounds good, looks great but is as mad as a piranha-fish lolly.

Waddayamean you've never heard of them?
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 9:43, Reply)
I have the last
pre UDI rhodesian flag that was lowered from cranborne barracks in rhodesia in 1965. It was resident in an army club for years.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 9:40, Reply)
a plectrum as used by John Hegley
I saw a reading by bespectacled poet John Hegley, and at the end, he wanted to play a song on his guitar. however, he didn't have a plectrum, and asked if anyone in the audience happened to have one with them. amazingly, I had one in my pocket, so I lent it to him. later on, he signed a book for me, also writing "thanks for the pleccy, speccy", under which I have sellotaped the very plectrum he borrowed.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 9:39, Reply)
Last year
I saw Grandaddy play at the Rescuerooms in Nottingham and wound up talking to the lads from Hope of the States (who were supporting) at the bar before the gig. Afterwards, Jimmy (the guitarist) gave me his setlist, which I duely blu-tacked to my wall. A month later, he hung himself in their recording studio.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 9:28, Reply)
Xena's Jugs
Seemed like a good idea at the time... A pair of plastic jugs with cloth around them (to make them look old-skool), as used on Xena.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 9:25, Reply)
I've got a shorth length of green knobbly plastic.
looks crap. is crap. But it was the piece of Kryptonite Superman threw in the snow to build his ice cave in the first Superman movie. A friend of mine worked on the set and in those days they were allowed to take home unwanted props at the end of filming.

Still looks like a crappy length of green plastic though.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 9:14, Reply)
Hmmm ... Manic street preachers
I have Richey Edwards in my cellar*

When I lived with my ex, pride of place on the mantlepiece was a plastic rose in a vase. She had climbed on stage at one of the first manics gigs and grabbed from between Nicky Wire's teeth.

Sadly, I actually thought that was quite cool.

*may contain traces of untruth
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 9:14, Reply)
I keep some stupid things...
I still have a whole bunch of Pokémon cards still in their card holders, because one day Pokémon will come back, and I can sell them for a bucket load (even though I know that will never happen because Pokémon as a fad is shite (although the first games are still good (which reminds me, I spilt tea on my first copy of Pokémon Blue, which ruined it, but I still have it hanging around somewhere (even though I don't even own a Game Boy any more)))).

I also keep instruction manuals to old games that I have since lost.

And the stupidest things I keep hold of are hundreds and hundreds of old magazines that I know I will never read again, but you never know when it will be 1994 again and I'll need that copy of GamesMaster I bought when I was 7 to keep on the cutting edge. Not only that, but I still keep pages that have been ripped off them, in case I want to read them too!
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 9:10, Reply)
I have a nasty habit of attaching undue sentimentality to any old tat. some examples:

- I have an empty John Smiths can once supped by the bass player of the 50-ft Dolls at their 1996 concert at Leeds Cockpit. Its had pride of place in a box in my loft ever since. Can't bear to get rid of it though.

- For my birthday last year I got some prop US$ that were once used on screen in a Robocop movie (courtesy of a long-running 'wierdest present' competition with my mate).

- I saw Alanis Morissette (gah) in Manchester years ago, and at the end of the gig she threw orchids into the crowd. I caught one, pressed it and framed it with the ticket and a copy of the setlist. Sounds even gayer when I write it down.

- I also collect music/memorabilia from the band Garbage. Not content with having pretty much the whole back catalogue, I have an even more obscure piece of history:

The first time I saw them was at Leeds Town & Country club, next to whicg was a bar called Zaks, which we drank in immediately prior to the gig. In the corner of Zaks was an old fruity machine, into which I chucked a spare 20p. This miniature gamble won me £8 in tokens (t'was years ago) all but 3 of which we spent on booze. But I still have the other 3, as a reminder of that first gig. No reason that I can fathom to this day.

(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 9:02, Reply)
In a tiny plastic coffin...
I have a lock of hair from Grotbags wig.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 9:01, Reply)
I bought one of those diddly little PSTwos to replace my big one that's five years old and now b0rked. I was all prepared to throw away my old one (or do something fun to it like drop it out of a window), but now I just can't, even though I know that's completely irrational. It's been too nice to me, and we've had such good times together. I keep it in my room and I cuddle it sometimes.
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 8:46, Reply)
A plastic cup
My friend has a plastic disposable cup, like the type you get from a vending machine, with (allegedly) Pricess Diana's lipstick on. He treats it like a sacred relic. The loon.

Oooh, first in line. Do I get a prize?
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 8:42, Reply)

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