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This is a question Messing with people's heads

Theophilous Thunderwulf says: What have you done to fuck with people? Was it a long, carefully planned piece of psychological warfare, or do you favour quick, off-the-cuff comments that confuse the terminally gullible? Have you been dicked with, and only realised many years later? Are you being dicked right now? Tell us everything.

(, Thu 12 Jan 2012, 11:25)
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Before I tell my tale I need to clarify that I am a shandy drinking southerner and sound like a great big poof.

When our daughter was learning to talk I asked her at the dinner table talk if she would like more gravy. Except I said it with one of those funny northern accents: Grairvih. She repeated this and it was very funny. She repeated it every time she asked for Grairvi from then on and oh how we laughed and thought it was cute.

She's now 8 and it was only this year with the school's intervention that she now says the word correctly.
(, Fri 13 Jan 2012, 13:08, 2 replies)
By 'correctly'
you mean 'like a shandy-supping Southerner'?
(, Fri 13 Jan 2012, 13:57, closed)
I believe that they pronounce it with an 'i' instead of an 'a'
so it sounds like griyvee.
(, Sun 15 Jan 2012, 22:39, closed)

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