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This is a question Messing with the Dark Side

We all like to tell stories about the *spooky* things that happen when people mess around with Ouija boards, hexes and spells.
A friend had wierd banging noises in his house for months and was deeply, deeply worried that it was the result of getting drunk and attempting to summon the devil.*

What's scared the crud out of you after you've played with the dark side?

* it turned out to be a tramp living in his attic (no, really). Also, -5 points for rubbish Star Wars jokes

(, Thu 20 Apr 2006, 11:58)
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The Haunted Science Lab
I work as a Science teacher at a school which, despite a lot of added-on buildings, has a bit of a creepy air about it. During my first half-term, I got a new Nokia phone and decided to have the noise of a girl laughing as my prompt for when I get a text (Nokia users, it's called "Cackle" and is on all polyphonic phones if you care).

During a Year 8 class, I was helping a group of rather timid girls with their experiment when, all of a sudden, I recieved a text from a mate organising the night's drinking. Unfortunately, as it was new and hadnt worked everything out, the laugh was loud and really noticeable. One of the girls turned and said "Did someone just laugh then?". As they all agreed, I played dumb and then, being an EVIL TWAT, mentioned to them that there were rumours of a little girl ghost wandering around the school.

Little did I know that this would lead to the entire lower school believing my lab is haunted, and lead to four girls crying hysterically when we had a lightening storm during the lesson.

I MIGHT come clean when they leave in Year 11.
(, Fri 21 Apr 2006, 11:59, Reply)

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