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This is a question Messing with the Dark Side

We all like to tell stories about the *spooky* things that happen when people mess around with Ouija boards, hexes and spells.
A friend had wierd banging noises in his house for months and was deeply, deeply worried that it was the result of getting drunk and attempting to summon the devil.*

What's scared the crud out of you after you've played with the dark side?

* it turned out to be a tramp living in his attic (no, really). Also, -5 points for rubbish Star Wars jokes

(, Thu 20 Apr 2006, 11:58)
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Aunty Flo
I had an Aunty Flo,from Mid Glamorgan in Wales who was very scary for a number of reasons.

1)She could be quite cruel (for example would always leave a plate of congealing lemon sherbets on the mantlepeice that we were not allowed to touch).

2)She had a scary pair of those extending scissor grabby things that was the must have accessory for all old people in wheel chairs once upon a time (especially useful for pinching young great nieces).

3)She would always call me Sarah Grant, never just Sarah (as if to enforce some sense of pride in my name) this annoyed me more than anything.

Anyhoo, she wheeled off her mortal coil when I was six and I can't say that I missed her Welsh cackle a great deal and got on with my life. For my own protection, I should interject that there are some very nice Welsh accents out there, hers was just not one of them.

I was at a friends party one night when I was 16, I didn't drink alot, a couple of swigs of Cider maybe, but that was all.

I also did not partake of any mind altering drugs.

However, I did have my first cigarette.

Later that night, just drifting off to sleep when I was lifted off my bed, flew towards the skirting board and landed back on my bed and then clear as a bell, my great aunty Flo's voice...."I saw you Sarah Grant!"

brrrrr and nattering of teeth did occur

Apol for length, but first post! Yay!
(, Wed 26 Apr 2006, 15:58, Reply)

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